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Wanted Priest Killed By Vodka

That was the headline from my Eye of the Storm match last night, when I had the privilege of facing off against several members of one of the top raiding guilds in the world: Vodka of Alterac Mountains-US.

And damn are those guys good!

I think four of them (Grafarion, Kalanii, and two others whose names I missed) managed to hold off almost half of our team at the Fel Reaver ruins for close to 5 minutes.  (It took 4 minutes for me to explain, and my teammates to comprehend, that they needed to go after the Resto Shaman and the Holy Paladin hanging in the back, and not try to kill the Warrior up front that was leveling everything in sight.)  ((I think my teammates figured it out after I asked them to watch which player on our team got targeted and killed first everytime we rezed.  Hint: it starts with V and ends with esserion.)) Continue reading


25,000 Honorable Kills: Not a Scratch, Not a Fcukin Scratch

It’s official, I sent my 25,000th Alliance foe to the Spirit Healer last night.

25 stacks bitches!

Number 25,000 was some unlucky punk who got in our way as we stormed into the Blood Elf Tower in the Eye of the Storm. 

As you may recall, my goal back in late January was to hit 25,000 Honorable Kills by April.  Having achieved that goal, I think I will shoot for 50,000 by August 1st.  My thanks to the Alliance players of BG 10 (Nightfall) where most of the work was done, and a hearty welcome to the Alliance players of the Retaliation Battlegroup who will be next. 




Devoted readers, I shall be afk for the holiday weekend.  But fear not, I will return next week with more Disc commentary.  


Penance Glyph is Back From The Dead

Have you heard the latest?  The proposed change to the Penance Glyph in Patch 3.1.2 (2 sec reduced cooldown => +5% crit chance) has been withdrawn!



So you think you’re some kinda tough guy?

Every so often in WoW, you get to a point where the content you are working on isn’t particularly challenging anymore.  With my regular 5 man team, we pretty much roll through heroics these days.

I believe that our success has more to do with the focus we bring to a run, and the time and effort we have put into our toons, than it is about being over-geared for the instances.  Although all of us are sporting epics, there are very few Naxx-10 pieces, and almost none from the 25-man raid content.  We are definitely near the top of the heroically geared plateau though.  (I’ll save my frustration with the lack of upgrades in Naxx-10 for those who have geared up in heroics for another post. Grrr.)

So, I logged in tonight to find very few guildies on.  Unroku, one of our top dps, was interested in doing the heroic daily with me.  Karinthanis, our MT, was online, but not up for the run, so we jumped into a pug with 3 members of another guild and headed to UP.

OMG.  The tank was in blues and was most certainly not defense capped, while the two other dps were struggling to break 1k.  God love fresh 80s for having the courage to try and tackle a heroic like UP, but these guys had no business being there.  Hell they probably would have struggled with it on normal.  Continue reading