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Vesserion’s Wish for Cata

OK, listen the fcuk up Blizz, here is what I want in Cata:

BG scoreboards that reflect shield absorbs.

I could go on and on about other things I want to see change, or stay the way they are now, but make this one adjustment, and I will give you a pass on the rest.

I am so sick and tired of busting my ass on the front lines keeping my teammates alive only to see my healing done below other healers’ numbers when the scoreboard pops up. 

Yeah I’m looking at you, you frackin tree.  Double my healing done in furious gear.  Bullshit!

The scoreboard is supposed to give you an idea of how you compare to the other players in the battleground.  It’s not a perfect system, and as Cynwise points out it could be a hell of a lot better, but at a bare minimum it needs to be able to count healing numbers correctly.

Currently, shields are not counted as healing on the battleground scoreboard.  And for a Disc Priest, that means that a very significant portion of the effective healing done isn’t being recorded.

As a result, it is not possible to use the battleground scoreboard to compare a Disc Priest to any other healer in the same battleground, other than another Disc Priest.

I don’t heal for the glory, or for the meters, but I do like to look at the board at the end of a battleground and see a quantification of the contribution I made.

I also really like to be able to tell the bg chat ranters to check the board and see who is at the top for healing done before they start criticising the heals.  (On the rare occasions that someone actually criticises the bg healers.)

Healers win bgs, and healing is often a thankless job.  The last thing that PVP Disc Priests need is for the scoreboard to misrepresent their contribution.

Fix this Blizz.



Healadins Will No Longer Be Supreme Tank Healers In Cataclysm!

News of the pending changes to Paladins is beginning to trickle in, and it looks like the reign of Healadins as the top tank healer in the game may be coming to an end. article is here.

I am not the foremost authority on Holy Paladins, but I think I am savvy enough to appreciate the fact that Beacon is getting nerfed pretty hard.

Paladin heals are getting the Starbucks size treatment just like the rest of the healing classes.  (tall, grande and venti heals)  In the new system, the tall heal (Flash of Light) is going to be fast and mana inefficient, which means FoL spam is going to be limited to “oh shit” moments.  Since Beacon is going to work only with FoL, the amount of healing Beacon does is going to drop significantly.  

Beacon will still be useful, but it will no longer be the “Times 2 healing mutherfcuker” spell that it has been.

From what I gather, Holy Light is going to be weakened so that it is the grande heal, and a new spell added to be the venti heal for Paladins.  If Blizz sticks with the theme, Holy Light will be the spam it spell for Paladins, since it will have the best mana efficiency, but it won’t do nearly as much healing as Paladins are used to seeing it do. 

All of which means that tank healing may not be as simple in Cata as stacking two Healadins and one Disc Priest in 25 man raids. 

Paladin healing in Cata should be significantly more interesting than FoL or HL spam, but the cost of more engaging gameplay seems to be less supremacy as tank healers.

It should be interesting.


PVP Shields Get 10% Nerf As Well

Blizz caved to the drooling masses that complained about Disc Priest and Paladin shields not being subject to the 10% healing reduction in PVP that recently took effect, and reduced shields by 10% to match.  The article is here.

Can’t say that I am too happy about the change, but it’s Friday morning, and I am normally pretty grumpy on Friday mornings.  I am gonna go grab some coffee and ponder this some more.  brb

back (coffee courses through veins, and red haze of nerd rage seems to fade . . . somewhat)

It is fair to say that while not happy with this change, I am not entirely surprised either.  I figured that the odds were 50/50 we would see this change follow the healing nerf.  I gave it those odds, because there are different ways of looking at shields.

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From Rawr to Meow (?)

As you may have heard, Blizz is implementing its PVP healing nerf to partially counter the effects of the recent resilience changes.  The article is here.

So high resilience Disc Priests might be a little less hard to kill than we were last week.  (I really hope you got to enjoy our brief moment in the sunshine.)

Some have suggested that because mitigation has not been affected by the resilience buff or the healing nerf, that Disc Priests will become unstoppable.  While it is true that mitigation has not been reduced in the way that healing and burst damage have, I do not believe that shields have become totally OP. 

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Greater Heal – Hello Old Friend

Patch 3.3 is just around the corner, but before it drops and things get crazy, I wanted to give y’all an update on some of the stuff I have been experimenting with of late. 

As you may be aware, I have been bucking the trend of stacking crit and spellpower that most raiding Disc Priests have been following, in favor of haste and mana regeneration.  On Sunday, I picked up Illumination from our weekly faceroll through 10-man ToC (sadly we still haven’t broken through the ToGC barrier yet), which put me over 22% haste self-buffed.

So on our last forray into 25-man ToC, I decided to see if I could work Greater Heal back into my spell list.  And just to make it more interesting, I elected to forgo the use of my standard Flask of Pure Mojo as well.

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