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Beta Build 12539 Disc Talent Tree Changes

The talent trees have been updated again, and the Discipline tree has a few changes for us to discuss.

Let’s start with the good news: Power Infusion is back.  Well it wasn’t really completely gone in the first Cata talent tree, as Aspiration still reduced its cooldown by 20%, but the actual talent was either missing or hidden.  Apparently Blizz likes PI so much, that they decided to make it both a third and fourth tier talent in the most recent tree.  (The fourth tier talent with three ranks that currently sports the PI description should probably be Borrowed Time.  Nice typo Blizz.)

And now for the bad news:

Absent from the new tree is our old friend: Renewed Hope.  You remember Renewed Hope, it was the talent that improved your crit rating by up to 4% when healing a target with the Weakened Soul debuff.  (It also provided 3% raid-wide damage reduction, but that feature had been stripped from the talent in the first Cata build.) Continue reading


First Impressions of the Cataclysm Disc Talent Tree for PVP

The new 31 point talent trees have been released (well, some of them anyways) so I decided to take a look at what the gurus at Blizz have done to the most awesome class and spec in the game: Disc. 

Here is my first attempt at a PVP build under the new system:  CATA Disc PVP Build***UPDATE – With the new Beta build 12539 release July 21, 2010, the link above does not work.  I am going to leave the description of the build up, however, as a reference point to discuss future changes to the talent trees.

All this is subject to change since we are only in Beta, yadda yadda yadda.  Also note that somehow Blizz misplaced my Beta invite, so I am just working off of publicly available information, and not first had experience.  (psst, Blizz, call me if you are reading this.)

My general impression of the talent tree revamp is that it removes a lot of choice and individuality from the process of selecting your talents.  

Under the current system, you have the ability to tailor your talent tree to your particular playstyle.  (More so for Disc PVP than for Disc PVE.)  If you primarily play dispel cleave, your spec will look very different than if you focus on the 2s bracket with a rogue partner.  Likewise if you are a raid healer vs. a tank healer.

There is so much potential for customization in the current system, in fact, that you will rarely find two PVP Disc Priests that are running the exact same build.  That goes for Shadow PVP as well.  (And we all know that no one plays Holy PVP.)

With the slimmed down 31 point talent tree, however, there is very little room for customizing your build to suit your playstyle.  Welcome to World of Cookie Cutter. 

/makes saving throw vs. rant

So lets look at the tiers shall we. Continue reading

Priest Talent Trees In Cataclysm

MMO Champion has posted the talent trees that have been data mined from the Friends and Family Alpha. 

The proposed Priest talent trees are here.



***UPDATE – MMO Champion has taken down the Cata information at the request of Blizzard.  I will repost a link to the new trees as soon as I can find a good source.

Healadins Will No Longer Be Supreme Tank Healers In Cataclysm!

News of the pending changes to Paladins is beginning to trickle in, and it looks like the reign of Healadins as the top tank healer in the game may be coming to an end. article is here.

I am not the foremost authority on Holy Paladins, but I think I am savvy enough to appreciate the fact that Beacon is getting nerfed pretty hard.

Paladin heals are getting the Starbucks size treatment just like the rest of the healing classes.  (tall, grande and venti heals)  In the new system, the tall heal (Flash of Light) is going to be fast and mana inefficient, which means FoL spam is going to be limited to “oh shit” moments.  Since Beacon is going to work only with FoL, the amount of healing Beacon does is going to drop significantly.  

Beacon will still be useful, but it will no longer be the “Times 2 healing mutherfcuker” spell that it has been.

From what I gather, Holy Light is going to be weakened so that it is the grande heal, and a new spell added to be the venti heal for Paladins.  If Blizz sticks with the theme, Holy Light will be the spam it spell for Paladins, since it will have the best mana efficiency, but it won’t do nearly as much healing as Paladins are used to seeing it do. 

All of which means that tank healing may not be as simple in Cata as stacking two Healadins and one Disc Priest in 25 man raids. 

Paladin healing in Cata should be significantly more interesting than FoL or HL spam, but the cost of more engaging gameplay seems to be less supremacy as tank healers.

It should be interesting.


Running in the Shadows – Shadow PVP

For a change of pace last week, I decided to swap my PVE Disc spec for a Shadow PVP spec, and ZOMG was it fun!  (So much fun that I raided all last week in my Disc PVP spec just so I didn’t have to replace my Shadow spec.)

The Shadow PVP spec I am using can be found here.

I had some prior experience with Shadow PVP on my alt Priest (Bhender), so I wasn’t starting from scratch, but it had been a while since I had melted any faces in Battlegrounds.  When I had played it before, I found that the spec was very powerful in one on one situations, but was just completely gimped whenever more than one opponent focused on you (which was basically all the time). 

I say the spec is gimped in multi-opponent situations for three reasons:

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Can Disc Priests Compete As Tank Healers In Progression Content?

There seems to be a lot of talk on the interwebs about how Disc Priests cannot tank heal effectively on progression content anymore. 

Most recently, Paolo over at Penance Priest gave a pretty discouraging review of Disc Priest tank healing after he jumped into progression content alongside two solid Healadins.  You can read his article here

While I respect Paolo’s opinions, I do not share his beliefs on the state of Disc Priest tank healing.

So how can the two of us have such differing views on the subject?  Simple, we follow two very different schools of thought when it comes to stat priorities.

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Arena Season 8 Disc PVP Spec

Season 8 begins next week, and I think I am ready to get back into the arena on a consistent basis.

Gearwise, I am 4/5 Furious 1/5 Relentless, with Furious offset pieces in all other slots, with the exception of my rings and weapons.  I am using Marrowgar’s Frigid Eye and Ashen Band of Unmatched Wisdom in lieu of PVP rings at the moment, because they are just so damned good.  I also picked up a Mag’hari Chieftain’s Staff off Saurfang in ICC-10 the other day, and dropped 2 stam gems into it for my PVP set, till I can get something better.

Here is the spec I will be running this season:  Season 8 Disc PVP Spec

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Silent Resolve – Just Do It

Today we are going to talk about a talent found in the second tier of the Discipline tree: Silent Resolve. 

When fully talented (3 points), Silent Resolve reduces the threat generated by the Priest’s Holy and Discipline spells by 20%.  (We are going to ignore the dispel resistance mechanic for the time being, as it is mainly a PVP effect.)

In the days before WotLK, grabbing aggro off your tank was a much bigger issue for healers.  Most pulls, you had to let the tank build up threat for a while before healing them.  If you were good, the tank didn’t die before your heal went off, and you waited just long enough so that your heal did not cause the mobs to immediately turn and run your direction with bad intentions. 

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Battleground Healer v3.1

After testing out Holy as my dual spec, and being pretty underwhelmed by it for heroics and 10-man healing, I decided to take the plunge and spec for Disc PVP.

Here is the battleground healer spec I am running.  Disc PVP spec

I am referring to it as a battleground healer spec, because I intend to only run bgs and Wintergrasp for the time being, and focus on healing and/or priest tanking, as opposed to dps.  This is not the spec I would/will be using for arena.  (We’ll talk about arena later, or maybe sooner if one of our DKs who is looking for an arena partner finds out that I am building a pvp set.)

The goal here is to get a feel for the pvp scene at level 80, and farm enough honor and marks to grab some respectable gear.

Since I haven’t done any pvp since Wrath was released, I was starting from scratch on my gear.  (For the record, no, I am not one of those guys that will just head into a BG with his shiny pve gear and pve healing spec, but you knew that already.)  Fortunately for me, I was sitting on 130-ish Emblems of Heroism, and am at  450 Jewelcrafting and 444 Tailoring.  So in the span of one evening, I was able to cobble together the following starter set:

Head:  Savage Gladiator’s Satin Hood

Neck:  Sky Sapphire Amulet

Shoulders:  Savage Gladiator’s Satin Mantle Continue reading

Dual Spec Update

Despite my ramblings about Holy not being a very attractive alternative for my second spec, its what I am currently running. 

As one of my friends used to say, “I make my own rules, and then I break them.”

Not that I have actually healed anything as Holy, with the excpetion of the first boss in Heroic Azjol Nerub.   (Pro tip: don’t try out new dual spec when trying to 4-man a heroic instance.)  RL has been kinda crazy lately for me, as well as much of the rest of my guild.  The few raids and heroic runs we have done recently were not very forgiving runs, as others were working on their dual specs and/or we were carrying subpar dps.

Hopefully this weekend I will get a chance to run some heroics as a Holy Priest.  Part of me thinks that the holy style of healing will come back to me fairly quickly once I get back at it.  But another part of me stares at my UI after I swap specs and thinks sweet jesus where did all my healing buttons go? 

I’ll keep you posted on how things go. 

In other news, a full set of Savage Gladiator Gear costs 195 Emblems of Heroism, and I am back up to around 115 or so.  So I am looking at heading back into the battlgrounds soon.  Look for some Disc PVP BG posts in the near future.