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World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria – Wherein Blizzard Declares War against Generation X

Just yesterday, Blizzard unveiled the details of their upcoming fourth expansion for World of Warcraft, entitled Mists of Pandaria.  You can view the trailer here.

In short, WoW 5.0 is going to be all about kung-fu pandas and Pokemon.

I am just at a complete loss as to how Blizzard thinks that this new content will be of interest to gamers from Generation X.

Kung-fu pandas and Pokemon are not going to keep the vast majority of WoW playing Gen X-ers subscribing, and they sure as hell aren’t going to entice ex-WoW playing Gen X-ers to resub after quitting in droves during Cataclysm.

I am not sure what those of us born between the years 1965 and 1980 did to offend, but I can’t help but feel that Blizzard’s decision to forsake this demographic will significantly hasten the demise of WoW.


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Seriously? (Wanted Priest Edition)

When you write a series like this, it’s only a matter of time until you yourself do something dumb enough to earn an entry.  This week, I managed to do just that.

It all started with a For The Horde raid that was forming up.  I whispered the Raid Leader for a slot, since I have never actually killed the four Alliance leaders on Vess, but they apparently were full.  Having nothing better to do at the time, I decided to tag along with the raid, in case a slot opened (someone is always afk or offline).  I also thought that it was possible to get credit for the kill even though I wasn’t in the raid, by dpsing the bosses.

I am sure some of you can see where this is going, but I will continue. Continue reading

Seriously? (Alterac Valley Zerg Edition)

So I was running an AV last night because I need a couple more emblems to get another 30/30/30 PVP mount before Patch 3.3.3 hits and wipes out the Marks of Honor.  (I don’t collect mounts, but I do think the black PVP mounts are kinda cool, and since I am effectively honor capped for the foreseeable future, I don’t have any better use for the marks.)

As the raid is buffing up in the cave on the south side of AV, somebody in BG chat proclaims the presence of a tank, and quickly orders that we all zerg Vann.  Since I only needed 2 AV marks, I decided to depart from my typical AV activities (crazy stuff like capping towers and graveyards) and support the zerg.

So we get all the way north and the tank rolls straight into Vann without so much as checking to see if any healers (or DPS) are with him.  Luckily for him, I was there, and managed to get a Pain Suppression off, giving the other couple healers and myself time to heal him back up to full.

We keep doing our healing thing until one by one, all of the healers get whirlwinded by the Marshalls, and the tank finally drops with Vann at 7%.

And then people start going off in BG chat about how the heals are sooo fail.


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Seriously? (Holy Paladin Edition)

I was running a Warsong Gulch last night, when a teammate pointed out that the opposing team had five Paladins.  You read that right: 5 Pallys.  (For those who might not have had their first cup of coffee yet, let me remind you that in WSG, there are only 10 players on each team.)

So the Horde force rolls out, and it’s the same old song and dance you often get in WSG: both teams rush to get the flag, and then cleverly avoid each other as they race to return to their own flag room.  This masterful exercise in futility is then followed by someone in BG chat asking how they got our flag, why you noobs didn’t defend/return the flag, sharing their insights as to how much this group sucks, and then announcing that he is taking upon himself the awesome responsibility of defending our FC (i.e. doing nothing).

I get the impression that it is going to be a turtle when the DPS I had been assisting head for our flag room, leaving me as the only player from either team at midfield.  Continue reading

Screw It, We’re 2 Healing ICC-10 From Now On

My 10-man team lost another healer yesterday.  This time it was Lawette, a Healadin with whom we have been running for a couple months. 

Lawette elected to gquit because he didn’t receive a promotion from the rank of member to raider when we did the latest round of promotions last night.  

My guild’s 25-man healing line up has been pretty chaotic lately, and for the past two weeks, we have had an excessive amount of tank healers (3 Healadins and a Disc Priest) and very few raid healers.  On several occasions, we have done 25-man raids with 3 Healadins on tanks, and myself and 2 other healers on the raid.  It has been far from ideal.

So when promotion time rolled around, we were not comfortable with the idea of raising another tank healer to the rank of raider (which carries with it raid invitation priority) and elected to promote a Holy Priest who recently joined the guild instead.

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Seriously? (Fail Warlock Can Die in a Fire Edition)

Eight runs through Heroic Halls of Reflection, and finally the Shriveled Heart drops. 

And I lose the roll to this tool:  Braincandy

Thanks for your sub 2,000 dps Braincandy.  I am so glad that the LFD tool has allowed other people to carry you through dungeons and help you gear up.

Seriously, go die in a fcuking fire.

And on that note, I think that I will just forgoe the Shriveled Heart.  I am a raiding Disc Priest, I will pick up the Shadow Silk Spindle sooner or later.

Fcuk the scrub gear, and fcuk carrying these scrubs through dungeons they have no business running.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the new 5-man dungeons, I really do.  But this whole ‘free ride for the failbots’ philosophy is just bullshit. 

Screw you guys.  I am taking my tier 10 and going home.