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Battleground Statistics Part 1: AV, AB and EotS

I was tooling around the interwebs the other day, and came across someone posting on Arena Junkies that the Alliance on Nightfall were absolutely abysmal at battlegrounds.


Nightfall has always been a fairly balanced battelgroup to me.  Although I feel like the Horde win some BGs slightly more often than the Alliance do, I felt the OP’s estimate of a 70-80% win ratio for the Horde was complete nonsense. 

Several people who play Alliance on Nightfall disputed this claim, which I would also have done had I the privilege of posting there, but it got me thinking about how the difference between how succesful we are, and our perception of how successful we are.

So I decide to record my perception of each BG, and then compare that perception to the actual performance numbers for Vesserion, Bhender and Sparrowset from the armory.  (Virtually all of the BGs were played in the Nightfall Battlegroup, and the records only reflect data captured by the armory.) Continue reading


Wanted Priest Killed By Vodka

That was the headline from my Eye of the Storm match last night, when I had the privilege of facing off against several members of one of the top raiding guilds in the world: Vodka of Alterac Mountains-US.

And damn are those guys good!

I think four of them (Grafarion, Kalanii, and two others whose names I missed) managed to hold off almost half of our team at the Fel Reaver ruins for close to 5 minutes.  (It took 4 minutes for me to explain, and my teammates to comprehend, that they needed to go after the Resto Shaman and the Holy Paladin hanging in the back, and not try to kill the Warrior up front that was leveling everything in sight.)  ((I think my teammates figured it out after I asked them to watch which player on our team got targeted and killed first everytime we rezed.  Hint: it starts with V and ends with esserion.)) Continue reading

Where is my 2010 Winter Olympics Pet?

I am not a collector of vanity pets in-game.  I have a tab or two of them, but that’s it.  The one pet that I summon most often though is my Spirit of Competition

The Spirit of Competition was a reward for engaging in battlegrounds during the course of the 2008 Summer Olympics.  To me, it’s like PVP street cred.  I see that little dragon and I know that there is a fellow PVP and battleground enthusiast. 

So as the 2010 Winter Olympics games have been going on, I have been patiently awaiting a similar reward to add to my meager collection.  Speculation has been rampant that Blizz will snub our great neighbor to the north and not recognize the Winter Olympics.

But then I saw this article on yesterday, and I dared to hope again.

So Blizz, if you are reading this, give us our 2010 Essence of Competition!



Season 2 Fcuking Rules

Merciless Gladiator's Investiture

For the record, I seriously dislike the recent  models for the Priest tier sets.  Tier 9 had us looking like warlocks.  Tier 10 makes me feel like a mage.  Tier 8 was alright, but it is no where near as cool as Season 2.

I love the look of Season 2. 

When I am standing around in Dalaran, I wear Season 2. 

Oftentimes after the first pull in a random heroic, I wear Season 2.

Season 2 is how a Priest should look.

Some people think I am nuts for keeping 7 pieces of level 70 PVP gear in my bags.  They think I am bat shit crazy when they notice that I have epic gems and enchants on my Season 2 gear.

They are probably right.

But when you look this fcuking cool, it’s ok if people think you’re crazy.


10-Man Healing Team

Our 10-man team has been having trouble lately with progression, and a somewhat significant factor has been our healing team.  For the last couple months, we have been running with a Disc Priest (moi), a Holy Priest (Ashleign) and whomever we can find to fill the third slot.  We have had numerous people rotate through slot number 3, but haven’t been able to find the right fit.

In addition to our issues with the 3rd healer position, our 2nd healer, Ashleign, really would rather be melting faces instead of CoHing.  Ash is an awesome Holy Priest, but it would be great to be able to find a comparable aoe healer, so that she can do what makes her happy. 

For a while in 3.2, we were able to get away with having a patchwork healing team, as Ash and I were able to carry the third healer.  Mine was the product of gear and skill, while Ash’s was more skill than gear, as she was splitting time between healing and dps upgrades. 

As we finished off ToC 10, and started working on ToGC 10 though, it became very apparent that the days of having 1.75/3.0 dedicated healers were at an end.  The content was just too challenging for us to be able to carry the 3rd healer, and still cover our own assignments.  Continue reading

Vesserion’s Report Card – Call of the Crusade

It looks like Patch 3.3 is going to drop tomorrow, so I decided to write myself a report card for my raiding efforts in Patch 3.2: Call of the Crusade. 

First, let’s look at the content I have managed to clear.  According to Pug Checker, since September 22, 2009, I have 10 full clears of ToC 10 and 4 full clears of ToC 25.  I have no full, or even partial clears of 10 or 25 man ToGC.  

Content Grade:  B –

From a gear perspective, I have 16 slots currently equipped.  Of those 16 slots, 5 are ilevel 232 items, 11 are ilevel 245 and 0 are ilevel 258.  So I finished this patch in 5/16 tier 9.0, 11/16 tier 9.25 and 0/16 tier 9.5. 

Continue reading

Loot Sharing Is Not Stealing

There is an interesting article over at dealing with the issue of whether a player who wins loot in a raid and then transfers it to another member of the raid (through the use of the 2 hour default trade timer) has stolen the loot.  You can read the article here.

After wading through 7 or so pages of the comments, I wanted to weigh in on the issue. 

Loot sharing is not stealing.  It is unfair, but it is not stealing. 

Let me explain.

Continue reading

Back in Business

It has been a while since I posted, so I figured it would be a good idea to recap what I have been up to in the WoW for the past couple months.  I think that my interest in writing the blog has closely tracked my interest in the game of late, which is to say that I really haven’t had much interest.

July and August were something of a perfect storm of meh for me.  The Argent Tournament really underwhelmed me with its absurd storyline and quests.  At the same time, our 10-man raiding team lost a few of our better players to boredom and RL, which saw us quickly regressing through Ulduar, instead of progressing.  On the PVP side, Season 6 of the Arena was winding down, and although my teammates and I enjoyed the season, we were really feeling restricted by the comp we were running towards the end. 

On top of all that, Disc Priests got hit with the nerf bat fairly hard (though not to the ground), with the reduced spellpower coefficient for Prayer of Healing and the increase to the cooldown on Penance.  To make matters worse, DK frost tanks got hit as well, which almost completely erased the wonderful synergies that Disc Priests and DK tanks had been enjoying.  

Continue reading

Sammy Dog (2/94-7/09)

Samantha ("Pretty Girl")

Samantha ("Pretty Girl")

Today we said farewell to a member of our family, Sammy Dog. 

Sammy was my wife’s dog when we started dating, but quickly became mine too, as she was always a huge flirt, whether it was with men or male dogs.  (She had a particular crush on yellow labradors.) 

Although she slowed down at the end of her 15 years, she was a very high energy dog.  I will always remember the way she used to tear around my wife’s house whenever I would come over to visit, and insist on sleeping on the bed with us at night. 

Although she was an only-dog for her first 8 years, Sammy was wonderfully patient when we added more dogs (Charlie, and Elvis, and finally JB) to our family.  All the way up until the end, she did her best to keep up with the boys, insisting that she come along on our daily walks, when it was clear that it was challenging for her to do so.  Her spirit was ever strong, even when her body wasn’t. 

I will miss you Sammy, and hope that you are running around like a crazy dog wherever you are now.  Rest in peace my pretty girl.


Utah, Get Me Two!

Bhender has achieved level 80!

Today I managed to get my second toon to level 80.  And.  It.  Is.  Another. Priest

WTF? you say.  Let me do some explaining.

Vess has been my main since he overtook my first character in WoW (Mobric, a Tauren Warrior who is currently stuck at level 45) somewhere in the low 20s (?).  And like most, there were alot of mistakes made as I leveled him and learned the game.  (Skinning/Leatherworking, not discovering the AH till level 40ish, etc.)  There was also an entire tree in the Priest class that I hadn’t had a chance to play with.  (Disc wasn’t considered a legitimate tree in those days.)

So I felt like there was alot I could have done better as I leveled a priest, and alot of toys I had never gotten to play with in the Shadow tree.  Thus Bhender was born.

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