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Seriously? (Wanted Priest Edition)

When you write a series like this, it’s only a matter of time until you yourself do something dumb enough to earn an entry.  This week, I managed to do just that.

It all started with a For The Horde raid that was forming up.  I whispered the Raid Leader for a slot, since I have never actually killed the four Alliance leaders on Vess, but they apparently were full.  Having nothing better to do at the time, I decided to tag along with the raid, in case a slot opened (someone is always afk or offline).  I also thought that it was possible to get credit for the kill even though I wasn’t in the raid, by dpsing the bosses.

I am sure some of you can see where this is going, but I will continue. Continue reading


Seriously? (Holy Paladin Edition)

I was running a Warsong Gulch last night, when a teammate pointed out that the opposing team had five Paladins.  You read that right: 5 Pallys.  (For those who might not have had their first cup of coffee yet, let me remind you that in WSG, there are only 10 players on each team.)

So the Horde force rolls out, and it’s the same old song and dance you often get in WSG: both teams rush to get the flag, and then cleverly avoid each other as they race to return to their own flag room.  This masterful exercise in futility is then followed by someone in BG chat asking how they got our flag, why you noobs didn’t defend/return the flag, sharing their insights as to how much this group sucks, and then announcing that he is taking upon himself the awesome responsibility of defending our FC (i.e. doing nothing).

I get the impression that it is going to be a turtle when the DPS I had been assisting head for our flag room, leaving me as the only player from either team at midfield.  Continue reading

Seriously? (Fail Warlock Can Die in a Fire Edition)

Eight runs through Heroic Halls of Reflection, and finally the Shriveled Heart drops. 

And I lose the roll to this tool:  Braincandy

Thanks for your sub 2,000 dps Braincandy.  I am so glad that the LFD tool has allowed other people to carry you through dungeons and help you gear up.

Seriously, go die in a fcuking fire.

And on that note, I think that I will just forgoe the Shriveled Heart.  I am a raiding Disc Priest, I will pick up the Shadow Silk Spindle sooner or later.

Fcuk the scrub gear, and fcuk carrying these scrubs through dungeons they have no business running.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the new 5-man dungeons, I really do.  But this whole ‘free ride for the failbots’ philosophy is just bullshit. 

Screw you guys.  I am taking my tier 10 and going home.


Ice Crown Citadel – Week 1 Recap

This started out far far less ranty than what follows, but I have had an absolutely shitty first week in the new patch, and I am still pretty pissed.  So here are my guidelines for how to make raiding during the first week of a new content patch seriously unfcuking enjoyable:

(True story)

1.  When Blizzard releases new content, have one person in your raid group run all of the new heroic dungeons to unlock the new raid instance, before the rest of your raiders can even get home from work on patch day.  Players don’t like 5-mans, or new content, and they especially don’t like new 5-man content, so do them a favor and do the short attunement chain for them.

2.  If you have planned to run the new heroics on patch day, don’t put anything on the calendar and then invite your raiders to do the new 10-man raid instance as soon as they log on.  Players love it when the plan changes with no warning.  They also love the chance to be running the new raid instance on a patch day, when there are multiple disconnects, server crashes, bugged instances, unplayable UIs, etc.

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I feel so dirty . . .

I finally replaced my Handbook of Obscure Remedies last night.  Lightbane Focus dropped off of the Twins in 10-man ToC, and I ended up with it. 

(We use open rolls for 10-man runs, and our Warlock won the roll.  He is currently using Perdition, but has a one-hander in the bank with which he was going to pair the Lightbane Focus.  After some badgering by several other members of the raid, he agreed to pass it to me since I so very much needed the upgrade.)  ((Thanks Isyomama!))  (((No shit, that is his toon’s name.)))

So while I am happy about replacing the ilevel 200 item I have been carrying around for like 10 months, I feel like a dirty old man. 

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Vesserion Has Earned The Achievement: A Little Too Seasonal

I do stupid stuff periodically, and last night was one of those nights.  We had a Naxx-10 run scheduled, which we cancelled after only 5 people were online.  As I was talking to my officers and trying to find a female dwarf to rabbit ear, I get an invite to heal 25-man VoA. 

/hits fast forward on story.  Summons pops, clickety click, buff up, get assigned to raid heals (WTF?), easy boss drops, raid wipes on hard boss, raid collapses, guild wants to run HUK so dual wielding DK can get loot, summons pops, clickety click, buff up, run HUK, loot doesn’t drop (again), hearth back to Dal, repair, go to sell vendor trash and see Mace of Unrequited Love in bag.


Vesserion has earned the achievement: A Little Too Seasonal.

Yepper, healed the whole evening with Spring Flowers in my hand.  The saddest part of this whole thing, is that I read about a great fellow Disc Priest blogger doing the same thing earlier in the day.  Read about it here.  /waves to Amber.

Thus proving that brilliant minds think alike.