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Is it December 20, 2011 Yet?

As you may know, my WoW playing days ended back in February of this year for a large number of reasons having mostly to do with gameplay.  Given the information that has been released regarding the next Warcraft expansion, it seems highly likely that I will not set foot on Azeroth again.  (Unless Blizzard decides to implement BC and/or Wrath gameplay servers, in which case I probably would resub.)

Since my departure from WoW, I have dabbled with a few other games.  I played DCUO for a couple of weeks, but never was comfortable with the awful targeting system and confusing maps.  After that, I gave RIFT a try.  While I enjoyed RIFT quite a bit, my friends eventually abandoned the game, and I followed suit.

So now, the wait is on for Star Wars: The Old Republic.  And the release date for SW:ToR can’t get here soon enough in my opinion.

Although I have high hopes for the game, I think it will be enough if it can deliver a WoW-like experience without repeating the missteps that Blizzard has made over the past couple years.  Things like:

  • Redesigning the game system every two years;
  • Implementing cross server grouping tools that enable ass-hattery and destroy the community;
  • Eliminating the challenge in the game to encourage new subscriptions;
  • Phasing the majority of the game world which severely limits cooperative play;
  • Making quests follow a linear progression that removes any type of exploration from the game;
  • Streamlining the leveling process so that players immediately reach endgame;
  • Not separating PVE and PVP abilities when necessary to balance the game system;
  • Rewarding players for time spent playing instead of playing well; and
  • Forcibly congregating the entire playerbase in one location.

That may be a pretty tall order for any new MMO, but hope springs eternal as they say.

As the launch date for SW:ToR gets closer, I will be transitioning this blog from a WoW blog to a SW:ToR blog.

Until then, may the force be with you.



World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria – Wherein Blizzard Declares War against Generation X

Just yesterday, Blizzard unveiled the details of their upcoming fourth expansion for World of Warcraft, entitled Mists of Pandaria.  You can view the trailer here.

In short, WoW 5.0 is going to be all about kung-fu pandas and Pokemon.

I am just at a complete loss as to how Blizzard thinks that this new content will be of interest to gamers from Generation X.

Kung-fu pandas and Pokemon are not going to keep the vast majority of WoW playing Gen X-ers subscribing, and they sure as hell aren’t going to entice ex-WoW playing Gen X-ers to resub after quitting in droves during Cataclysm.

I am not sure what those of us born between the years 1965 and 1980 did to offend, but I can’t help but feel that Blizzard’s decision to forsake this demographic will significantly hasten the demise of WoW.


A collection of opinions by other WoW bloggers can be found here.

Let’s Get Back in the Game Maverick!

Do you think your name will be on that plaque?

What a difference a battlegroup can make. 

In three months on the Retaliation Battlegroup, I managed to pick up a little over 3,000 honorable kills. 

In one week back on the Nightfall Battlegroup, I picked up 2,000 honorable kills.

My PVP spree this week saw me cross the 30,000 HK threshhold, and earn the following PVP achievements:

Me and the Cappin’ Makin’ it Happen;

Territorial Dominance;

City Defender; and

Not Even a Scratch.

This week also marked my best friend Chris’ return to the game after a month-long hiatus.  (Although Karinthanis and Wrathien haven’t made the jump from Retaliation back to Nightfall just yet, Chris still has a few level 80s on Undermine that he can play.) Continue reading

Wanted Priest Killed By Vodka

That was the headline from my Eye of the Storm match last night, when I had the privilege of facing off against several members of one of the top raiding guilds in the world: Vodka of Alterac Mountains-US.

And damn are those guys good!

I think four of them (Grafarion, Kalanii, and two others whose names I missed) managed to hold off almost half of our team at the Fel Reaver ruins for close to 5 minutes.  (It took 4 minutes for me to explain, and my teammates to comprehend, that they needed to go after the Resto Shaman and the Holy Paladin hanging in the back, and not try to kill the Warrior up front that was leveling everything in sight.)  ((I think my teammates figured it out after I asked them to watch which player on our team got targeted and killed first everytime we rezed.  Hint: it starts with V and ends with esserion.)) Continue reading

Check Please!

Those two words sum up my feelings about WotLK at the moment. 

The meal is over, and all I want to do is pay the tab so I can move on, but the waiter is nowhere to be found.  That is how I feel when I log in these days.

A lot of this feeling has to do with the status of my raiding guild.  Our 10-man team’s progression got derailed about a week after we started making LK attempts.  Two of our players’ accounts got hacked (two of our three healers), and RL issues took away another 2 of our regulars (both of our tanks).  It didn’t help that both of our hack victims elected to pug ICC 10 the week their toons got restored, instead of rejoining our group, and both got their Kingslayer titles and downed multiple heroic bosses on the way.  

We have gotten to phase 3 of the LK fight, but it looks more and more like we won’t be able to finish it. Continue reading

The Death of Challenge in Warcraft

Back in the days of my youth, my brother and I used to play a game called Contra on the NES.  Contra was a 2 person side-scrolling shooter, which pitted two mercenaries against a horde of aliens that had come to earth for some nefarious purpose.

There were something like 8 levels, with end bosses, that you had to progress through to beat the game.  Unlike many of today’s games where your toons have health pools and defensive abilities, Contra was very unforgiving of player mistakes.  If Mad Dog or Scorpion (the nicknames for the two playable characters) got hit by a single bullet, bomb or laser, they died.  In addition to that, players only got 3 lives in the entire game: after 3 deaths, you started back at the beginning of level 1.

So what makes Contra stand out for me and my brother, as one of the greatest games of all time amidst the myriad other games that we have played?  Probably the fact that the two of us beat the game together, start to finish, in two player mode, without either of us losing a single life.

Two players, eight levels, and not one death in probably 30+ minutes of continuous gameplay.

For us, it was the challenge that made the game special, and the fact that we were able to overcome that challenge through hard work and dedication. Continue reading

My New Server and Battlegroup are Killing my PVP

My guild server transferred last week from Undermine (Nightfall Battlegroup) to Area 52 (Retaliation Battlegroup) in order to take advantage of the significantly greater Horde player population on A52, and the significantly more progressive raid scene.  From a PVE raiding perspective, it was a good move, and should benefit the guild in the long run.

From a PVP standpoint . . . not so much.

First of all, Area 52 is a carebear server, which limits the amount of real world PVP. 

Second, because the Horde dominate the population of Area 52 by about a 3 to 1 margin, Wintergrasp is an absolute joke.  I am told that the Alliance controls it during the wee hours of the morning when few people are playing, but for all intents and purposes, it belongs to the Horde. 

Third, the Retaliation (or “LOLtaliation”) Battlegroup just plain sucks when it comes to PVP.  The skill level of the typical BG player in Retaliation seems to be well below what I am used to facing in Nightfall.  (I didn’t have a single loss in the first 10 bgs I played in the new battlegroup last week.  Not one.)

Fourth, queue times for the random BG daily are typically 10 minutes, 10 FCUKING MINUTES, during peak playtime for the battlegroup.

All of which mean that my personal quest for the “Of The Horde” title (100,000 HKs) looks significantly more difficult than it did just two weeks ago. 

How am I supposed to earn HKs at any kind of meaningful rate when it takes 10+ minutes to queue a battleground, and the quality of play therein is poor?

Completing this achievement was already a daunting task, but if my HK/hour rate is going to be 1/3rd of what it used to be, I am not sure that I am man enough to continue pursuing it.

In fact, since the transfer, I have been spending the majority of my PVP time on my other level 80 priest (Bhender) back on Undermine. 

So I need to make a decision at some point whether to give up the quest for 100,000 HKs, or get Vesserion the hell out of the Retaliation Battlegroup. 

For now, it looks like I am going to have to put my dream of 100,000 HKs on hold.



Happy Birthday To The Wanted Priest Blog!

It's my birthday!

3/28/09 - 3/28/10 Woot!

One year ago today I put up my first post.  (It wasn’t much of a post, but it was the first one, nonethless.) 

So happy birthday to The Wanted Priest blog!


Blogroll Cleanup

The WoW blogging community is a transient one, with people coming and going fairly regularly.  When I started this blog almost a year ago, I made sure to tip my hat to certain bloggers whose material I enjoyed reading by including a link to their blog in my blogroll.

Over the course of the past year, several of them have moved on to other pursuits in life, so it is time to waive farewell to them, and remove them from the blogroll.  I thank each of you for doing what you did, which enriched my life, and hope that you are well.

Holy Dueg – Dueg is perhaps the greatest belf Priest ever to play the game.  He is certainly the biggest tease after putting up a post or two last month, only to cast Fade once again.  How can you stay mad at someone that handsome though? 

Lowered Expectations – In addition to being a fellow Disc Priest, Kitts was the healing lead for his guild, and I enjoyed his insights on healing and raiding.

Need Healer Plz – I found D’s blog after she did an end of patch report card for herself, based on one of my posts.  I was so flattered that I started reading her blog and became a big fan.

Continue reading

100 Days in Ice Crown Citadel – How Are Your Raiders Holding Up?

That’s right folks, ICC has been out for 100 days, so its time to take a step back from the game and examine the state of your raiders’ mental health. 

For many many players, 100 days is the upper limit of their attention span with respect to a particular raid instance.  At, or around that time, players who have previously been reliable raiders may begin to exhibit the following symptoms:

  • comes to raid without consumables and/or with ungemmed/unenchanted gear;
  • logs on seconds prior to the commencement of the raid;
  • has a dramatic increase in the frequency of RL conflicts with raids;
  • has unexplained absences from raids;
  • desires to change to a different class for raiding;
  • only logs onto main in order to attend raids, spending all other time in-game on alts;
  • shows increasing degree of intolerance for wipes, especially in older raids or on farm bosses;
  • expects recruits and undergeared players to be performing at current progression levels;
  • prefers cancelling raids to taking sub-optimal players and/or pugging raid slots;
  • stops offering assistance to guildies who ask for help;
  • increasingly engages in activities that do not require group play or social interaction with others; and/or
  • becomes increasingly more focused on his/her own performance as opposed to the performance of the raid.

Although these can all be signs of WoW burnout, more often than not these symptoms are merely the result of raid instance fatigue (“RIF”).    Continue reading