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Easymode PVP Rewards: Engaged

Rumor has it that Blizzard is going to replace the battleground mark system with a straight honor reward system, and magnify the amount of honor gained from HKs. article is here.

To me, the most important language in the whole story was the part where Zarhym says:

To bring the rate at which players obtain PvP rewards with Honor more in-line with the rate at which players obtain PvE rewards via the Dungeon Finder . . .

Just looking at the changes Blizz is proposing, it is hard to forecast how the switch from honor and marks to just honor will impact the rate of honor gain.  It is very possible that all these changes would net to zero, and we would gain honor at the exact same pace as before. 

However, when you consider that Blizz wants the rate at which honor is gained to approximate the rate at which emblems are gained for PVE rewards, it is hard not to conclude that these changes are intended to bring about easymode PVP rewards. 

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PVP Welfare Epics Are Back!

I strolled over to the Hall of Champions (or whatever its called) in Org on Tuesday to see what new goodness was on sale for the PVP crowd, and couldn’t believe what I saw:

ilevel 264 Wrathful Gladiator offset pieces (wrist, neck, back and trinket) available for Honor Points.  That’s right: Honor Points.  No Arena Points, no Arena Ratings, just straight up honor.

In addition to the above, the entire line of ilevel 245 Relentless Gladiator offset pieces are available for Honor Points as well. 

Furthermore, the ilevel 251 Relentless set pieces can be purchased for a combination of Honor Points and Arena Points.  No Arena Rating is required to purchase these items either.  (Meaning you can lose 10 Arena matches a week for Arena Points, or do the BG Daily quest which also awards Arena Points without even setting foot in the arena.)

All of which means that a freshly dinged level 80 toon can now farm honor in Wintergrasp and the BGs, and outfit him or herself with tier 9 or better gear, without setting foot in a raid instance.  And although the gear will have plenty of resilience on it, which is a wasted stat in PVE, the itemization of the ilevel 245+ gear is not soo horrendous as to make it unusable.

In short: PVP welfare epics are back!

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Disc Priests are Hard to Kill (again) ((finally))

Season 8 Disc Priest

The double resilience change went live, and ZOMG are Disc Priests hard to kill again.

Like, late-BC-PVP-welfare-epics-Disc-Priest hard to kill.

With a solid set of PVP gear, and some skill, you can easily priest tank 2-3 dps in battlgrounds.  You can also DoT/lolsmite/outlast almost any non-healer class one-on-one.

I kid you not, I had more solo kills this weekend, than I probably have had in the past year. 

In one Wintergrasp, I took on a Boomkin who was softening up a cannon.  Half way through the fight, a DK jumps me.  I managed to kill the DK, and then finish off the Boomkin.  Solo.  Then, before I could even get back to full mana, a Ret Pally decides I look like an easy target.  I buried him, and then I also killed the mage that tried to light me up immediately after I killed the Pally.  Now clearly the level of play in Wintergrasp is not very high, but a healer beating a 2 on 1, followed by 2 solo kills, on like 1.5 mana bars is just retarded.

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Season 2 Fcuking Rules

Merciless Gladiator's Investiture

For the record, I seriously dislike the recent  models for the Priest tier sets.  Tier 9 had us looking like warlocks.  Tier 10 makes me feel like a mage.  Tier 8 was alright, but it is no where near as cool as Season 2.

I love the look of Season 2. 

When I am standing around in Dalaran, I wear Season 2. 

Oftentimes after the first pull in a random heroic, I wear Season 2.

Season 2 is how a Priest should look.

Some people think I am nuts for keeping 7 pieces of level 70 PVP gear in my bags.  They think I am bat shit crazy when they notice that I have epic gems and enchants on my Season 2 gear.

They are probably right.

But when you look this fcuking cool, it’s ok if people think you’re crazy.


Seriously? (Fail Warlock Can Die in a Fire Edition)

Eight runs through Heroic Halls of Reflection, and finally the Shriveled Heart drops. 

And I lose the roll to this tool:  Braincandy

Thanks for your sub 2,000 dps Braincandy.  I am so glad that the LFD tool has allowed other people to carry you through dungeons and help you gear up.

Seriously, go die in a fcuking fire.

And on that note, I think that I will just forgoe the Shriveled Heart.  I am a raiding Disc Priest, I will pick up the Shadow Silk Spindle sooner or later.

Fcuk the scrub gear, and fcuk carrying these scrubs through dungeons they have no business running.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the new 5-man dungeons, I really do.  But this whole ‘free ride for the failbots’ philosophy is just bullshit. 

Screw you guys.  I am taking my tier 10 and going home.


ICC 5-man Heroic Loot vs. Tier 8.5

As Vesserion is currently well equipped, and acquiring 251/264 gear and Ashen Verdict rep through the new ICC raid, I have been doing most of my experimenting with the new ICC 5-man dungeons on Bhender

For those not familiar with Bhender, he was my Shadow Priest alt from before the days of dual specs.  He was also my 2nd level 80 toon.  His offspec is currently Disc, so I can leverage the awesome healing skills I have developed while playing Vesserion, but he also dabbles in Shadow PVP from time to time.

Since I don’t have time to raid on both Vesserion and Bhender, and since Shadow Priest dps was the suck for the last two patches, he has been relegated to doing farming and dailies for the past 6 months.  (I think Bhender has downed the Northrend Beasts in ToC 10, and like 4 bosses in Ulduar to date, which is pretty sad.)

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I Think My Inner Loot Whore is Dead

I keep reading about how everyone loves the new LFG tool, and I get the fact that you can earn 2 Emblems of Frost by doing a random heroic everyday, and ridiculous amounts of Emblems of Triumph, but that still isn’t enough to interest me in going back and facerolling the same heroics that I have been running for the past year.

And the weekly raid quest makes me start counting how many different ways I can imagine killing myself.  (I won’t tell you how high the count can get.)

Maybe I will eventually get far enough behind on Emblems of Frost that I will start doing them, but for now I have absolutely no interest. 

I suspect on some level, I am resentful that Emblems of Triumph, which actually required some degree of skill and effort to acquire (up until two weeks ago), are now falling like leaves in Autumn.

I also think that the sheer number of Emblems of Frost required to pick up all the tier 10 gear has me a little shell-shocked.  Continue reading

I feel so dirty . . .

I finally replaced my Handbook of Obscure Remedies last night.  Lightbane Focus dropped off of the Twins in 10-man ToC, and I ended up with it. 

(We use open rolls for 10-man runs, and our Warlock won the roll.  He is currently using Perdition, but has a one-hander in the bank with which he was going to pair the Lightbane Focus.  After some badgering by several other members of the raid, he agreed to pass it to me since I so very much needed the upgrade.)  ((Thanks Isyomama!))  (((No shit, that is his toon’s name.)))

So while I am happy about replacing the ilevel 200 item I have been carrying around for like 10 months, I feel like a dirty old man. 

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Loot Sharing Is Not Stealing

There is an interesting article over at dealing with the issue of whether a player who wins loot in a raid and then transfers it to another member of the raid (through the use of the 2 hour default trade timer) has stolen the loot.  You can read the article here.

After wading through 7 or so pages of the comments, I wanted to weigh in on the issue. 

Loot sharing is not stealing.  It is unfair, but it is not stealing. 

Let me explain.

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Um, where are all my sockets?

I was tooling around the interwebs the other day, checking out some of the other Disc Priests on my server, and a few others in the blogging community that play Disc Priests, when I noticed something strange:  I am missing an ass-ton of gem sockets. 

Most of the Disc Priests I examined with wow-heroes gear scores in the 2600+ range were sporting around 12-14 gem slots, not including the meta gem.  Vesserion currently has 9.  Huh?

How the hell did they get so many more slots that I did? 

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