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100 Days in Ice Crown Citadel – How Are Your Raiders Holding Up?

That’s right folks, ICC has been out for 100 days, so its time to take a step back from the game and examine the state of your raiders’ mental health. 

For many many players, 100 days is the upper limit of their attention span with respect to a particular raid instance.  At, or around that time, players who have previously been reliable raiders may begin to exhibit the following symptoms:

  • comes to raid without consumables and/or with ungemmed/unenchanted gear;
  • logs on seconds prior to the commencement of the raid;
  • has a dramatic increase in the frequency of RL conflicts with raids;
  • has unexplained absences from raids;
  • desires to change to a different class for raiding;
  • only logs onto main in order to attend raids, spending all other time in-game on alts;
  • shows increasing degree of intolerance for wipes, especially in older raids or on farm bosses;
  • expects recruits and undergeared players to be performing at current progression levels;
  • prefers cancelling raids to taking sub-optimal players and/or pugging raid slots;
  • stops offering assistance to guildies who ask for help;
  • increasingly engages in activities that do not require group play or social interaction with others; and/or
  • becomes increasingly more focused on his/her own performance as opposed to the performance of the raid.

Although these can all be signs of WoW burnout, more often than not these symptoms are merely the result of raid instance fatigue (“RIF”).    Continue reading


/setfocus 25-man Progression

A while back, I talked about whether my guild was doing ICC wrong running 2 nights of 10-mans and 2 nights of 25-mans each week.  As we progressed deeper into the Citadel, we were spending a lot of time reclearing the Lower Spire bosses in both 10 and 25 each week, when we could have been focusing more on progression at one raid level or the other.

So the officers put the idea of switching from a 2/2 arrangement to either a 1/3 or 3/1 on simmer for a while.  That pot got moved to the front burner this week, with two new progression kills in 25-man, and some roster issues with our 3 10-man teams.

So effective this raid lockout, we will be running 1 night of 10-mans and 3 nights of 25-mans.  The Blood Prince Council and Valithria Dreamwalker have the big red Hunter’s Mark bouncing above them as we speak.

It should be interesting to see how the transition goes.  I suspect that 10-man work will just get rescheduled to time slots before or after our 25-man raids, or dropped into some time on the weekend when people can play.

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Screw It, We’re 2 Healing ICC-10 From Now On

My 10-man team lost another healer yesterday.  This time it was Lawette, a Healadin with whom we have been running for a couple months. 

Lawette elected to gquit because he didn’t receive a promotion from the rank of member to raider when we did the latest round of promotions last night.  

My guild’s 25-man healing line up has been pretty chaotic lately, and for the past two weeks, we have had an excessive amount of tank healers (3 Healadins and a Disc Priest) and very few raid healers.  On several occasions, we have done 25-man raids with 3 Healadins on tanks, and myself and 2 other healers on the raid.  It has been far from ideal.

So when promotion time rolled around, we were not comfortable with the idea of raising another tank healer to the rank of raider (which carries with it raid invitation priority) and elected to promote a Holy Priest who recently joined the guild instead.

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Don’t Nerf ICC Bro!

If I could say four words to Blizzard right now, I would say “Don’t nerf ICC bro!”

Blizz has stated that they intend to eventually deploy a buff which will increase damage, health, regen, yadda yadda yadda for players inside the instance thereby making the raid less difficult.  Blizz has also stated that the buff will get progressively bigger as time goes on, thereby gradually decreasing the difficulty of the instance.


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10-Man Heroic Saurfang Downed & Progression Update

Apparently the Saurfang encounter was set to heroic last night for both 10 and 25 man raids.  I have not seen Blizz confirm this yet, but then again I didn’t read through all 20 pages of the thread on the forums either.

My 10-man team was in ICC last night, and we ran the encounter without any knowledge of the bug.  The week before, we killed Saurfang with zero marks, but last night, we had our first mark go out when Saurfang was at 60%.  We ended up one-shotting him, with two marks out when he bit the dust. 

Since we have been face rolling the Lower Spire for a couple weeks, and just got our OT back from his account being hacked (/wave to Zapan), we just figured that people got sloppy on the attempt, and moved on.

So I had to laugh this morning when I read about Saurfang being on hard mode.  Without even knowing about the bug, we one-shotted him, with no deaths and only 2 marks going out.  Awesome.

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Wasting away again in the Plagueworks . . .

So it’s week two of the Plagueworks, and progress has been slow.  On 10-man, we have dropped Festergut twice, but are having a tougher time getting past Rotface.  We are having issues with the kite at the moment, with either the tank getting hammered by a big slime, or a dps not getting enough heals when running the baby slimes out.  A few more attempts, and I think we will have it though.  Then we can grind ourselves against the good Professor. 

On 25 -man, we have made progress on Rotface, managing to get him down to 3% on our best attempt thus far.  Our 25-man team doesn’t have the dps required for Festergut at the moment, so we are planning to work on ToGC 25 (after we drop Rotgut) until we get some better gear or they nerf the Plagueworks. 

What is perhaps most frustrating, is that we have to clear the first wing each week before we can move on to the Plagueworks.  Covenant runs 2 nights of 10-mans and 2 nights of 25-mans each week.  So the first raid night of the week for each bracket is a race to clear out the first wing and get through trash.  Most times, we can get at least one attempt in on the new bosses in the Plagueworks before the end of the raid.  Normally, however, everyone is kind of tired by then, and definitely not on their A game due to the sheer volume and speed of the fights we have to get through.  Continue reading

In the Mountains

The march through Ulduar continued Sunday night, as my 10-man group got its first kill against Thorim.

Ulduar progression has been on the back burner for us the past few weeks as we worked on clearing ToC.  With a one night clear of 10-man ToC finally under our belts, we decided that it was time to have a look at the 10-man ToGC, and get back to working on the Keepers of Ulduar.

(I won’t go into detail about our initial foray into the ToGC, other than to say that I don’t think our dps was quite where it needed to be for the Northrend Beasts on heroic.)

So after two quick wipes at the Argent Crusade fairgrounds, we headed back to Ulduar. 

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Disc Healing the Faction Champs

(or Basics of Arena Healing for PVE Elitist Asshats)

So we had the 10-man team up at the Argent Tournament grounds the other day for a go at the ToC.  We took care of the Northrend Beasts and Lord Jaraxus in short order, but were having issues with the Faction Champs.  We were able to drop 2 of the Champions on our attempts, but were losing too many of our DPS and healers getting to that point to be able to finish the last 4 off.

After the third wipe, the Resto Druid we pugged in says over vent, “Shit is coming after me like crazy with all the healing I am doing.  Maybe Vesserion should do more healing and less dispelling next time.”

Vent got really quiet after that comment.  I took a deep breath, and said “sure thing”.

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Disc Healing the Onyxia Fight

We took the 10-man team to Onyxia’s layer last night and after a few wipes learning the fight, we downed the old broad. 

Our raid line-up was as follows:

Tanks: Paladin MT, Death Knight OT

Healers: Disc Priest, Resto Shaman

DPS: 2 Death Knights, 3 Mages, 1 Shadow Priest has a nice overview of the fight for those not already familiar with the encounter.    

Healing the fight as Disc was mildly challenging.  Phase 1 was just about keeping the tank up and avoiding the dreaded tail swipe and cleave as the tank gets her into position.  I found that it was a good time to use my shadowfiend when we had her to about 70% health, or slightly before she goes into the air for phase 2.  (She will walk across the room before she takes off, so there is some margin of error on timing the fiend, as it will just follow her while she walks if you pop it a little late.)

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While we were running OS-10 last night, I added the above to my list of achievements.  Surprisingly, over 90% of those Emblems came from running heroics, and not from Naxx, OS or VoA.

The Arrow Gang has always been a small guild, and 5-man content has been our bread and butter.  Recently we have added some great players to the roster, and have started progressing through the 10-man content.  (No we are not setting any realm first, which is fine by us.)

But between gearing up our core group in heroics, gearing the newest members of the guild, continuing to gear up older members who had RL conflicts, helping out quality players with whom I have run before (yes I do keep a list) and/or doing charity runs for those 4 person groups that have been looking for a healer for the past hour, I have seen a hell of a lot of heroics runs. 

Too bad there isn’t an achievement for 500 Emblems.  Guess I will have to work on some of the other Lich King Heroic achievements till Blizz gets around to adding one. 

(Now if you will excuse me, I happen to be the last person on my 5-man team to get a drake from the timed HCoS event ((damn you RNG)), and I hear young Arthas calling my name.)