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Show Me The Money: Tailoring

I am by no means an AH warrior.  Most of the time, I am lucky to have 1,000g on all my toons combined.  I don’t farm (more than I have to), I don’t quest (much), I don’t play the AH.

But I do manage to make some money now and then.  Most recently, I have been making great money selling the ilevel 245 crafted bracers:  Royal Moonshroud Bracers and Bejeweled Wizard’s Bracers.

On my server, you can generally get the mats for around 1500-2000g.  The Moonshroud sell for 3,000g, and the Bejeweled for 3,500g.  If you have Emblems of Triumph lying around, you can drop your cost even further by turning in emblems for the Crusader Orbs.

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