Vesserion of Undermine

The Wanted Priest is Vesserion, a level 80 Forsaken Priest of the Horde on the Undermine-US server in the Nightfall Battlegroup.  (Armory profile is here)  Vesserion, or Vess for short, is the GM of <The Arrow Gang> and can normally be found running battlegrounds, arenas, and working his way through the 10 and 25-man end game content.

Although Vesserion has followed the way of discipline since the fall of 2008 (sometime shortly after Patch 2.4.3) it has not always been so.  Vesserion clawed his way through 58 levels with a ‘hey that talent looks kinda cool’ hybrid build which allowed him to solo and heal for the 5-man team that would eventually become the founding members of The Arrow Gang.  Shortly after reaching level 58 and strolling through the Dark Portal, Vesserion was invited by his tanking partner to heal a pug run through Hellfire Ramps.  That disastrous run was the moment when Vesserion realized his true calling, and determined to be the best healer he could be.  Vesserion respeced holy the next day, and sought the advice of more experienced healers.

Now, having healed his way through Outlands and Northrend, with a fair amount of pvp healing in between (bat-shit crazy, I know!), Vesserion is ready to share his unique insights on Priests with those of you so fortunate as to have discovered this blog.  I hope you enjoy my musings, and please do not hesitate to ask if you have any comments or questions.

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