Battleground Statistics Part 1: AV, AB and EotS

I was tooling around the interwebs the other day, and came across someone posting on Arena Junkies that the Alliance on Nightfall were absolutely abysmal at battlegrounds.


Nightfall has always been a fairly balanced battelgroup to me.  Although I feel like the Horde win some BGs slightly more often than the Alliance do, I felt the OP’s estimate of a 70-80% win ratio for the Horde was complete nonsense. 

Several people who play Alliance on Nightfall disputed this claim, which I would also have done had I the privilege of posting there, but it got me thinking about how the difference between how succesful we are, and our perception of how successful we are.

So I decide to record my perception of each BG, and then compare that perception to the actual performance numbers for Vesserion, Bhender and Sparrowset from the armory.  (Virtually all of the BGs were played in the Nightfall Battlegroup, and the records only reflect data captured by the armory.)

Alterac Valley – The Horde are pretty bad at AV compared to the Alliance on Nightfall.  The Alli manage to recap towers and even defend Vann in most battles, whereas the Horde just zerg their way to the end and then suck their thumbs because they don’t have a tank and 4 marshals are still up.  Victories happen, but not very often.

The actual numbers:

    Alterac Valley
    Wins   Losses   W/L Percentage
Vesserion   52   64   44.83%
Bhender   20   22   47.62%
Sparrowset   5   17   22.73%
Totals   77   103   180
Average           38.39%
Weighted Average           42.78%

Conclusion – My perception of AV might be slightly worse than the numbers show, but not by much.  All of my toons have losing records in AV, with Sparrowset only winning 1 in 5 matches.  The numbers on each side in AV make it very difficult for a player to influence the outcome, and PVP skill has little utility in the timed PVE raid event that AV has become.  This helplessness definitely contributes to the negative perception of AV.

Arathi Basin – AB is one of my favorites, and I think that the Horde does fairly well.  On Nightfall, the Allis tend to zerg LM and GM, with the Horde grabbing Farm, BS and Stabs as the game begins.  Most of the time, the Horde grabs an early lead, and then keeps it if the talent levels are somewhat even.  The design of the BG minimizes the adverse effects of stupid or inexperienced players, and individual effort can often turn the tide of a match.

The actual numbers:

    Arathi Basin
    Wins   Losses   W/L Percentage
Vesserion   68   49   58.12%
Bhender   24   19   55.81%
Sparrowset   7   6   53.85%
Totals   99   74   173
Average           55.93%
Weighted Average           57.23%

Conclusion – My perception of AB seems to be spot on.  All three of my toons have winning records, with my best results occurring on my healer.

Eye of the Storm – Although I was not a fan of EotS at first, I have slowly warmed up to it.  I really enjoy the concentrated PVP-ness of the fights, even though it is very easy to lose a match when people fail at the basic strategies of the BG.  While the Horde on Nightfall don’t excel at BG strategy, they normally make up for it in ferocity on the frontlines, which carries the day slightly more often than not in EotS.  Victories are hard-fought and very close, while losses are often blowouts due to fail strats. 

The actual numbers:

    Eye of the Storm
    Wins   Losses   W/L Percentage
Vesserion   59   48   55.14%
Bhender   18   9   66.67%
Sparrowset   8   5   61.54%
Totals   85   62   147
Average           61.12%
Weighted Average           57.82%

Conclusion – My perception of success seems to be somewhat below the actual success I have enjoyed in EotS.  Strategy failures tend to be far more frustrating to me than performance failures, which probably explains some of my perception.  The rest probably has to do with the fact that my dps toons have better records in EotS than my healer.  EotS seems to defy the principal that healers win BGS, and that clearly affects my perception of the BG.

For those keeping score at home, I am slightly more negative on a losing BG than I should be, on the money on a winning BG, and less optimistic than I should be on another winning BG.  (Which seems to make me more a pessimist than a realist at the moment.) 

In the next installment, we will take a look at Strand, Warsong Gulch and the Isle. 



8 comments so far

  1. Fayé on

    Soon to come. Strands QQ. 😛

  2. Fayé on

    I also just realized. On Vess, the numbers include when you were on Retaliation.

    • wantedpriest on

      Based on my HK records, I estimated that less than 5% of my BGs were on Retaliation (which sounds about right considering I was only there for three months). So we probably cannot draw any conclusions about Nightfall from the data with certainty, other than that I vastly prefer Nightfall to Loltaliation.


      • Fayé on

        “other than that I vastly prefer Nightfall to Loltaliation.”

        Well, duh!


      • Fayé on

        Haha I just checked the link.

        “Stormstrike alliance give horde a run for our money”

        Don’t know what that guy is smoking. Horde completely dominates that BG.

  3. chckenmcbndy on

    I laugh when on a daily basis I also see “OMG Alliance are noobs in this BG!” in the Rampage Battlegroup. My statistics show it’s about as balanced as you can get.

    Statistics for 10 alliance characters (Stormreaver/Rampage):

    TOTAL (wins/ games played)= 1155/2276 (50.7% win ratio)

    *Shameless plug for an achievement that needs to be consolidated same faction/server-

    Total HK’s for all my Alliance toons on Stormreaver-182,588…And no ‘…Of the Alliance’. Really Blizz!?

    61,581 on my Druid so still a ways to go.

    • wantedpriest on

      Damn, that’s a lot of PVP Chcken!

      I have mixed feelings on HK aggregation. Part of me would love to see it, cause then I wouldn’t feel guilty for pvp-ing on other toons when I should be getting HKs on my main. Another part of me would hate to see it, since it would increase the number of people who get the title.

      Maybe Blizz could change it so that it’s either 100k HKs on a single toon, or 200,000 HKs on the account. (Only the highest HK total toon on the account should get the title from aggregation though.)


      • Fayé on

        “Another part of me would hate to see it, since it would increase the number of people who get the title.”

        A.k.a Fayé would beat me at getting the title. 😛

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