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Vesserion’s Wish for Cata

OK, listen the fcuk up Blizz, here is what I want in Cata:

BG scoreboards that reflect shield absorbs.

I could go on and on about other things I want to see change, or stay the way they are now, but make this one adjustment, and I will give you a pass on the rest.

I am so sick and tired of busting my ass on the front lines keeping my teammates alive only to see my healing done below other healers’ numbers when the scoreboard pops up. 

Yeah I’m looking at you, you frackin tree.  Double my healing done in furious gear.  Bullshit!

The scoreboard is supposed to give you an idea of how you compare to the other players in the battleground.  It’s not a perfect system, and as Cynwise points out it could be a hell of a lot better, but at a bare minimum it needs to be able to count healing numbers correctly.

Currently, shields are not counted as healing on the battleground scoreboard.  And for a Disc Priest, that means that a very significant portion of the effective healing done isn’t being recorded.

As a result, it is not possible to use the battleground scoreboard to compare a Disc Priest to any other healer in the same battleground, other than another Disc Priest.

I don’t heal for the glory, or for the meters, but I do like to look at the board at the end of a battleground and see a quantification of the contribution I made.

I also really like to be able to tell the bg chat ranters to check the board and see who is at the top for healing done before they start criticising the heals.  (On the rare occasions that someone actually criticises the bg healers.)

Healers win bgs, and healing is often a thankless job.  The last thing that PVP Disc Priests need is for the scoreboard to misrepresent their contribution.

Fix this Blizz.



Battleground Statistics Part 1: AV, AB and EotS

I was tooling around the interwebs the other day, and came across someone posting on Arena Junkies that the Alliance on Nightfall were absolutely abysmal at battlegrounds.


Nightfall has always been a fairly balanced battelgroup to me.  Although I feel like the Horde win some BGs slightly more often than the Alliance do, I felt the OP’s estimate of a 70-80% win ratio for the Horde was complete nonsense. 

Several people who play Alliance on Nightfall disputed this claim, which I would also have done had I the privilege of posting there, but it got me thinking about how the difference between how succesful we are, and our perception of how successful we are.

So I decide to record my perception of each BG, and then compare that perception to the actual performance numbers for Vesserion, Bhender and Sparrowset from the armory.  (Virtually all of the BGs were played in the Nightfall Battlegroup, and the records only reflect data captured by the armory.) Continue reading