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Seriously? (Wanted Priest Edition)

When you write a series like this, it’s only a matter of time until you yourself do something dumb enough to earn an entry.  This week, I managed to do just that.

It all started with a For The Horde raid that was forming up.  I whispered the Raid Leader for a slot, since I have never actually killed the four Alliance leaders on Vess, but they apparently were full.  Having nothing better to do at the time, I decided to tag along with the raid, in case a slot opened (someone is always afk or offline).  I also thought that it was possible to get credit for the kill even though I wasn’t in the raid, by dpsing the bosses.

I am sure some of you can see where this is going, but I will continue. Continue reading


Beta Build 12539 Disc Talent Tree Changes

The talent trees have been updated again, and the Discipline tree has a few changes for us to discuss.

Let’s start with the good news: Power Infusion is back.  Well it wasn’t really completely gone in the first Cata talent tree, as Aspiration still reduced its cooldown by 20%, but the actual talent was either missing or hidden.  Apparently Blizz likes PI so much, that they decided to make it both a third and fourth tier talent in the most recent tree.  (The fourth tier talent with three ranks that currently sports the PI description should probably be Borrowed Time.  Nice typo Blizz.)

And now for the bad news:

Absent from the new tree is our old friend: Renewed Hope.  You remember Renewed Hope, it was the talent that improved your crit rating by up to 4% when healing a target with the Weakened Soul debuff.  (It also provided 3% raid-wide damage reduction, but that feature had been stripped from the talent in the first Cata build.) Continue reading

First Impressions of the Cataclysm Disc Talent Tree for PVP

The new 31 point talent trees have been released (well, some of them anyways) so I decided to take a look at what the gurus at Blizz have done to the most awesome class and spec in the game: Disc. 

Here is my first attempt at a PVP build under the new system:  CATA Disc PVP Build***UPDATE – With the new Beta build 12539 release July 21, 2010, the link above does not work.  I am going to leave the description of the build up, however, as a reference point to discuss future changes to the talent trees.

All this is subject to change since we are only in Beta, yadda yadda yadda.  Also note that somehow Blizz misplaced my Beta invite, so I am just working off of publicly available information, and not first had experience.  (psst, Blizz, call me if you are reading this.)

My general impression of the talent tree revamp is that it removes a lot of choice and individuality from the process of selecting your talents.  

Under the current system, you have the ability to tailor your talent tree to your particular playstyle.  (More so for Disc PVP than for Disc PVE.)  If you primarily play dispel cleave, your spec will look very different than if you focus on the 2s bracket with a rogue partner.  Likewise if you are a raid healer vs. a tank healer.

There is so much potential for customization in the current system, in fact, that you will rarely find two PVP Disc Priests that are running the exact same build.  That goes for Shadow PVP as well.  (And we all know that no one plays Holy PVP.)

With the slimmed down 31 point talent tree, however, there is very little room for customizing your build to suit your playstyle.  Welcome to World of Cookie Cutter. 

/makes saving throw vs. rant

So lets look at the tiers shall we. Continue reading

Let’s Get Back in the Game Maverick!

Do you think your name will be on that plaque?

What a difference a battlegroup can make. 

In three months on the Retaliation Battlegroup, I managed to pick up a little over 3,000 honorable kills. 

In one week back on the Nightfall Battlegroup, I picked up 2,000 honorable kills.

My PVP spree this week saw me cross the 30,000 HK threshhold, and earn the following PVP achievements:

Me and the Cappin’ Makin’ it Happen;

Territorial Dominance;

City Defender; and

Not Even a Scratch.

This week also marked my best friend Chris’ return to the game after a month-long hiatus.  (Although Karinthanis and Wrathien haven’t made the jump from Retaliation back to Nightfall just yet, Chris still has a few level 80s on Undermine that he can play.) Continue reading