Wanted Priest Killed By Vodka

That was the headline from my Eye of the Storm match last night, when I had the privilege of facing off against several members of one of the top raiding guilds in the world: Vodka of Alterac Mountains-US.

And damn are those guys good!

I think four of them (Grafarion, Kalanii, and two others whose names I missed) managed to hold off almost half of our team at the Fel Reaver ruins for close to 5 minutes.  (It took 4 minutes for me to explain, and my teammates to comprehend, that they needed to go after the Resto Shaman and the Holy Paladin hanging in the back, and not try to kill the Warrior up front that was leveling everything in sight.)  ((I think my teammates figured it out after I asked them to watch which player on our team got targeted and killed first everytime we rezed.  Hint: it starts with V and ends with esserion.))

In any event, the Vodka crew put on quite a show at Fel Reaver.  I think my average life expectancy in those fights was about 5 globals after I was first targeted.  (Although I didn’t have a chance to look at the time, it wouldn’t surprise me to find out that they were wearing a lot of PVE gear in that battleground, especially since they have full sets of ilevel 277s.)

I hope that the next time we meet, I will have a few of my crew along with me, instead of just some random BG players.  Not that I expect a different result; I would just like to put up a better fight than I was able to this time around.



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  1. Zeth on

    My first experience with Vodka was in a 2s game. My mage partner and I queued into Rammydk and a healer. Rammydk was one of the first people to obtain a shadowmourne. I lasted about 5 seconds with him on me, literally. Killed me right through pain suppression. That weapon and gear he has is ridiculous!

    I haven’t run into vodka members in a BG yet, we do however see several premades and partial premades from Kelthuzad fairly often. We especially like when we run into members from since they’re the best alliance players in the world.

    And yes PUGs on Nightfall make you want to /cry sometimes! (more than sometimes). I try not to queue into a BG without at least a few guildies with me, greatly increases our chance of winning 🙂

  2. Zeth on

    meant to say members from: On nine or doesn’t matter – guess the blog doesn’t like use of the carrot character or whatever it’s called.

  3. Kalanii on


    Was fun for us too. 😉

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