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Wanted Priest Killed By Vodka

That was the headline from my Eye of the Storm match last night, when I had the privilege of facing off against several members of one of the top raiding guilds in the world: Vodka of Alterac Mountains-US.

And damn are those guys good!

I think four of them (Grafarion, Kalanii, and two others whose names I missed) managed to hold off almost half of our team at the Fel Reaver ruins for close to 5 minutes.  (It took 4 minutes for me to explain, and my teammates to comprehend, that they needed to go after the Resto Shaman and the Holy Paladin hanging in the back, and not try to kill the Warrior up front that was leveling everything in sight.)  ((I think my teammates figured it out after I asked them to watch which player on our team got targeted and killed first everytime we rezed.  Hint: it starts with V and ends with esserion.)) Continue reading


Check Please!

Those two words sum up my feelings about WotLK at the moment. 

The meal is over, and all I want to do is pay the tab so I can move on, but the waiter is nowhere to be found.  That is how I feel when I log in these days.

A lot of this feeling has to do with the status of my raiding guild.  Our 10-man team’s progression got derailed about a week after we started making LK attempts.  Two of our players’ accounts got hacked (two of our three healers), and RL issues took away another 2 of our regulars (both of our tanks).  It didn’t help that both of our hack victims elected to pug ICC 10 the week their toons got restored, instead of rejoining our group, and both got their Kingslayer titles and downed multiple heroic bosses on the way.  

We have gotten to phase 3 of the LK fight, but it looks more and more like we won’t be able to finish it. Continue reading