Wintergrasp And Tol Barad To Get Population Controls

Why did I queue for Wintergrasp again?

Word on the street is that Wintergrasp, and its Cataclysm equivalent (Tol Barad), will have population controls implemented after the next minor content patch.  The article is here.

The change means that the systems will try to equalize the number of players on each team once a certain minimum number of players has been reached.

I PVP on two servers at the moment.  My Shadow Priest, Bhender, is on Undermine-US, where Alliance outnumber the Horde by a decent margin.  In most WG battles, its one Horde raid vs at least two Alliance raids with predictable results. 

In contrast, my Disc Priest, Vesserion, PVPs on Area 52-US, where the Horde have an enormous advantage over the Alliance in numbers.  I don’t even bother checking whether we have WG on A52 anymore, cause the Horde always does.

Neither server provides a satisfying PVP experience in Wintergrasp at the moment, because the population imbalance prevents any realistic chance for the minority faction to win.

As described, the population controls would balance the opposing teams, allowing the minority faction to have a fighting chance of actually winning WG.

I think that this is a good change for the game, as population imbalance has drained most of the PVP out of Wintergrasp.  If Blizz is going to continue having an entire raid instance be inaccessible to a faction based on the outcome of a battle, then they need to give both sides a realistic chance to win that battle.

Slay them all!



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