Cataclysm Raid ID Changes: Breadth >> Depth

Sorry for the lack of posts lately folks.  I have been bouncing in and out-of-town on business for the past 10 days, and am just getting back into the swing of things. 

While I was AFK, Blizz decided to announce that 10 and 25-man raids would be moving to a singe raid ID in Cata, and that the difficulty and loot tables for 10s and 25s would be the same. 


I have been reading blogs for much of the day, and the response seems to be split, with 25-man raiders thinking it sucks big ole donkey balls, and 10-man raiders thinking it is on par with the invention of sliced bread.  (The casuals have yet to weigh in, since they can’t read don’t pay attention to such matters.)

As an officer in a 25-man raiding guild, I have to say I think the idea is pure shit, and will very likely kill off 25-man raiding. 

What seems clear to me from the changes Blizz has revealed thus far, is that Blizz believes very strongly that we will be happier gamers if they provide us with greater breadth of gaming experience but less depth in the new expansion. 

For example, instead of raiding on your main 4+ nights a week, and squeezing in BGs, arenas and daily quests whenever you can, you will only be able to raid maybe 2 nights a week on your main in Cata.   Less time raiding means more time for PVP on your main, or leveling, raiding or PVP on your alts, or whatever else it is that you enjoy doing in Azeroth.

Blizz has decided that you will be happiest being a renaissance gamer, and must therefore prevent you from overexposing yourself to any one facet of the game.

Personally, I wish Blizz would leave me the fcuk alone to decided how I best enjoy consuming their product.  I don’t need Blizz telling me “OK Vess, you have raided enough this week, time to go do something else now.” 

STFU Blizz. 

I will admit that I have commented in the past about how it is challenging to find the time to both raid and PVP competitively.  But I wasn’t suggesting that Blizz ratchet down the amount of time I can spend on either activity to the point where I can do both comfortably.  I actually enjoyed the level of committment that was required for me to do either at a high level of play.

For example, let’s say that Vess has 20 hours of gaming time each week, and Vess needs to spend at least 15 hours raiding to really enjoy PVE, and 15 hours in BGs and/or arenas to really enjoy PVP.  If Vess enjoys both PVE and PVP, Vess will need to determine how to allocate his 20 hours of game time to maximize his enjoyment of the game.  (Vess might even blog about his frustration that he has only 20 hours in a week, and not the 30 hours he needs to enjoy both PVE and PVP simultaneously.)

In a misguided effort to help Vess maximize his enjoyment, Blizz decides to revise the game, so that Vess can only spend 10 hours raiding each week, and 10 hours in BGs and/or arena.

Although Vess can now complete 10 hours of PVE and 10 hours of PVP each week, thereby fully utilizing all of the 20 hours of gaming time available, Vess’ enjoyment of the game actually is reduced dramatically.  Due to Blizz’s changes, Vess falls 5 hours short of his enjoyment threshold for PVE (10/15), and 5 hours short of his enjoyment threshold for PVP (10/15).

It seems to me that the players who are upset with the raid ID changes are those with an enjoyment threshold above 10 hours.  (aka most 25-man raiders.)

My sense is that the typical 10-man raider has an enjoyment threshold at 10 hours or less already.  To them, the changes mean that the people who had more time to spend raiding will no longer get better gear.

If Blizz has some features they plan to introduce to counter the raid ID changes, I hope they reveal them soon.  Cause a lot of people are pretty pissed off right now, and I am hearing more and more talk of walking away from the game . . . 



2 comments so far

  1. wantedpriest on

    The writers have weighed in on the proposed raid ID changes. The article is here:

    Shockingly, the more hard core players oppose the changes, while the more casual players support it.

    I respect for having the courage to post the opinions of their writers who are critical of the changes, considering that the subject material is the wellspring of their income. I hope Blizz manages to read the opinions therein.


  2. BobTurkey on

    “and I am hearing more and more talk of walking away from the game . . .”

    You must admit this is pretty normal every expansion. People take a break and either stay away or come back just before the expansion.

    Gobble gobble.

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