Healadins Will No Longer Be Supreme Tank Healers In Cataclysm!

News of the pending changes to Paladins is beginning to trickle in, and it looks like the reign of Healadins as the top tank healer in the game may be coming to an end.

Wow.com article is here.

I am not the foremost authority on Holy Paladins, but I think I am savvy enough to appreciate the fact that Beacon is getting nerfed pretty hard.

Paladin heals are getting the Starbucks size treatment just like the rest of the healing classes.  (tall, grande and venti heals)  In the new system, the tall heal (Flash of Light) is going to be fast and mana inefficient, which means FoL spam is going to be limited to “oh shit” moments.  Since Beacon is going to work only with FoL, the amount of healing Beacon does is going to drop significantly.  

Beacon will still be useful, but it will no longer be the “Times 2 healing mutherfcuker” spell that it has been.

From what I gather, Holy Light is going to be weakened so that it is the grande heal, and a new spell added to be the venti heal for Paladins.  If Blizz sticks with the theme, Holy Light will be the spam it spell for Paladins, since it will have the best mana efficiency, but it won’t do nearly as much healing as Paladins are used to seeing it do. 

All of which means that tank healing may not be as simple in Cata as stacking two Healadins and one Disc Priest in 25 man raids. 

Paladin healing in Cata should be significantly more interesting than FoL or HL spam, but the cost of more engaging gameplay seems to be less supremacy as tank healers.

It should be interesting.



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  1. protopethunter on

    Loving the change so i can go back to the tank healing i did back in naxx10 since most current multitank fights punish disc for using grace.(although the 1 tank marrowgar10 was fun) This looks to balance disc back with pallys and other healers for tank healing.

    BTW:people actually still put disc priests on tanks? i wish my guild would do that once in a while. im so used to the position on my healbot that i can literally do my bubble spam eyes closed(which has led to me falling asleep during putricide before -_-)

    • wantedpriest on

      Proto –

      My guild has been running 2 healadins 1 disc priest (that just sounds wrong) on 3 tank fights for a while, and have found it to be a great set up. The disc priest’s mitigation talents smooth out the damage curve on the tanks enough that the risk of a Holy Light landing a fraction of a second too late is much less. With enough haste and regen, you can also drop PoHs on the tank group and watch the Divine Aegis bubbles pop all over your screen. You do lose the benefits of a full stack of Grace at times, but the synergy more than makes up for it.

      With bubble spam being as OP as it is, though, it can be tough to get slotted into the coveted tank healing position. After seeing the numbers in raids where I was doing just raid shielding, I have become a firm believer that the first raid healer I want to grab is a Disc Priest.

      We have been running with two Disc Priests in our 25-mans for a couple weeks now, (one on tanks, one on raid shields) and it has worked very well. It requires careful assignments so they don’t step on each other’s toes, though.

      Tell your heal lead to put a Pally on raid heals and you on tanks next time. Tell him/her it is practice for Cata!


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