My New Server and Battlegroup are Killing my PVP

My guild server transferred last week from Undermine (Nightfall Battlegroup) to Area 52 (Retaliation Battlegroup) in order to take advantage of the significantly greater Horde player population on A52, and the significantly more progressive raid scene.  From a PVE raiding perspective, it was a good move, and should benefit the guild in the long run.

From a PVP standpoint . . . not so much.

First of all, Area 52 is a carebear server, which limits the amount of real world PVP. 

Second, because the Horde dominate the population of Area 52 by about a 3 to 1 margin, Wintergrasp is an absolute joke.  I am told that the Alliance controls it during the wee hours of the morning when few people are playing, but for all intents and purposes, it belongs to the Horde. 

Third, the Retaliation (or “LOLtaliation”) Battlegroup just plain sucks when it comes to PVP.  The skill level of the typical BG player in Retaliation seems to be well below what I am used to facing in Nightfall.  (I didn’t have a single loss in the first 10 bgs I played in the new battlegroup last week.  Not one.)

Fourth, queue times for the random BG daily are typically 10 minutes, 10 FCUKING MINUTES, during peak playtime for the battlegroup.

All of which mean that my personal quest for the “Of The Horde” title (100,000 HKs) looks significantly more difficult than it did just two weeks ago. 

How am I supposed to earn HKs at any kind of meaningful rate when it takes 10+ minutes to queue a battleground, and the quality of play therein is poor?

Completing this achievement was already a daunting task, but if my HK/hour rate is going to be 1/3rd of what it used to be, I am not sure that I am man enough to continue pursuing it.

In fact, since the transfer, I have been spending the majority of my PVP time on my other level 80 priest (Bhender) back on Undermine. 

So I need to make a decision at some point whether to give up the quest for 100,000 HKs, or get Vesserion the hell out of the Retaliation Battlegroup. 

For now, it looks like I am going to have to put my dream of 100,000 HKs on hold.




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  1. Zeth on

    I have a similar problem as you. I recently transferred to Mal’ganis because it’s a huge horde server that has a great economy, the best progression in the US, and a great pvp community. But because the server is 90% horde (even worse than what you described!) there’s no world pvp at all. Now the server’s pvp communtiy means I can walk outside org at literally any hour of the day and find dozens of people dueling but that’s not quite the same.

    And the BG queues on stormstrike are around a 10-15 minute wait during peak playing hours. Ugh! How’s a frost mage suppose to have any fun??

    So after reading this post and forum posts that are similar to what you wrote, I’m thinking of transferring to Nightfall. It’s also important I stay on a BG in the boston datacenter for latency purposes so that limits me to stormstrike/nightfall/retaliation.

    Now Nightfall is home to kel’thuzad, which is the server that’s home to one of the largest concentration (if not the largest) of high end arena players on alliance side. They’ve sort of made it their home. Now this to me sounds perfect as a horde player since I’m fairly accustomed to being the underdog (from my old server before mal’ganis), and from what I can tell the horde side isn’t too far behind alliance populationwise so I’ll still be able to find people to play with and get things done.

    The experience won’t be the same as being on a large horde-centric server like mal’ganis or area52 but in the end I suppose it all comes down to what’s the most fun to me. And for me, I’d take messing around with world pvp and BGs all day over good raids! 🙂

    Since nightfall is probably the most balanced battlegroup in terms of the number of alliance to horde queueing up, I think I’ll enjoy it. I’m gonna research a few more servers but I do hope to end up on Kel’thuzad – Nightfall.

    Sorry for rambling on.. just had a lot on my mind and I wanted to type it all out! =p Whatever you decide, I hope you find the experience you’re looking for 🙂

  2. wantedpriest on

    Zeth – Sorry to hear about Stormstrike. Sounds like KT/Nightfall would be a good fit for you though.

    There are some really solid pvp players on KT (it is not uncommon to face people from On Nine Or Doesnt Matter in bgs and arenas) and the folks on Jaedenar and Venture Co. aren’t too shabby either.

    Sometimes the skill level on Nightfall does tilt in favor of the Alliance, but by far, it is the best battlegroup I have played in terms of balance and skill. Did I mention less than 1 minute queue times?

    Good luck with your server search.


  3. margrin on

    Lol your playing for a title instant fail. Done and done.

    • wantedpriest on

      Hey look, a troll decided to comment 17 months after the original post. Nice work brah!

      Lol your trolling instant fail. Done and done.

  4. Meilin on

    If you want PvP move to Illidan 🙂 and Emberstorm battlegroup is pretty good a PvP, BG queues are 2-3 minutes

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