Running in the Shadows – Shadow PVP

For a change of pace last week, I decided to swap my PVE Disc spec for a Shadow PVP spec, and ZOMG was it fun!  (So much fun that I raided all last week in my Disc PVP spec just so I didn’t have to replace my Shadow spec.)

The Shadow PVP spec I am using can be found here.

I had some prior experience with Shadow PVP on my alt Priest (Bhender), so I wasn’t starting from scratch, but it had been a while since I had melted any faces in Battlegrounds.  When I had played it before, I found that the spec was very powerful in one on one situations, but was just completely gimped whenever more than one opponent focused on you (which was basically all the time). 

I say the spec is gimped in multi-opponent situations for three reasons:

1) Shadowform has a distinct visual effect, which makes it very easy for opponents to find a Shadow Priests on the battlefield.  (Shadowform might be the only legitimate PVP taunt in the game.);

2) Shadow Priests wear cloth armor, which makes them squishy targets in comparison to many other DPS classes; and

3) Shadow Priests have poor escapability.  (Although you can often free yourself from a snare via trinket, Fade or Dispersion, there is no dependable way for a Shadow Priest to get distance from an opponent after doing so.)

You don’t have to be an Arena Master to figure out that a highly visible, clothwearing DPS that can’t get away from you, makes a great target.  And at this point, even the most casual PVP players have figured out that they should kill Shadow Priests first.

So I wasn’t sure what to expect when I visited the class trainer and wiped out my Disc PVE spec. 

I knew that I was a better PVP player now than I was the last time I played Shadow PVP.  I also knew that my PVP gear was significantly more competitive than it had been.  (Even though it was all no-crit mooncloth, and not crit-heavy satin battlegear.) 

But would those two factors make enough of a difference?

My first battleground in Shadow spec (WSG).

Oh hells yeah!

I can’t tell you exactly where the gear threshold is, but having 30,000 health and 1,100 resilience makes you survivable enough that Shadow PVP becomes viable.  Very viable.

I still died a fair number of times, but holy crap did I send a shitload of opponents to the Spirit Healer.

I’ll write up some of my observations about play style this weekend.  Till then, if you are a well geared PVP Disc Priest who could use a breath of fresh air, give Shadow PVP a try.  You’ll be glad you did.



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