Blogroll Cleanup

The WoW blogging community is a transient one, with people coming and going fairly regularly.  When I started this blog almost a year ago, I made sure to tip my hat to certain bloggers whose material I enjoyed reading by including a link to their blog in my blogroll.

Over the course of the past year, several of them have moved on to other pursuits in life, so it is time to waive farewell to them, and remove them from the blogroll.  I thank each of you for doing what you did, which enriched my life, and hope that you are well.

Holy Dueg – Dueg is perhaps the greatest belf Priest ever to play the game.  He is certainly the biggest tease after putting up a post or two last month, only to cast Fade once again.  How can you stay mad at someone that handsome though? 

Lowered Expectations – In addition to being a fellow Disc Priest, Kitts was the healing lead for his guild, and I enjoyed his insights on healing and raiding.

Need Healer Plz – I found D’s blog after she did an end of patch report card for herself, based on one of my posts.  I was so flattered that I started reading her blog and became a big fan.

Resto Nation – My friend and the GM of my guild, Koramoor, seems to have lost interest in his blog.  I enjoyed having a second blogger in my guild, if only because it made Brotherhood of Oblivion a little less special.  /shakes fist at BoO.

Shadow Weaving – I enjoyed Khaeli’s articles which always seemed to be relevant to whatever I was working on at the time.   

The Cranky Healer – A recent addition, I was saddened by her decision to close down her blog, but I respect it nonetheless.  And that is all I am going to say about that subject.

The Egotistical Priest – When I determined that I needed to become a better Priest, Vonya’s blog was one of the first resources I found, and I think I managed to read just about everything she wrote therein.  I can’t even imagine how many other bloggers she and her team of cowriters inspired to start their own sites, but I am sure the number is legion. 

World of Snarkcraft – Jov and Seri’s blog was another resource I discovered early in my Priest career.  I was a huge fan of their writing and opinions, and the gradual decline of Snarkcraft has been truly painful for me to watch.  You two will be missed.


(with all these departures, I guess I need to add some new blogs huh?)


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  1. D on

    Ooh, thank you for the kind words about my old blog. I did have fun writing it, almost as fun as reading yours. 🙂 I continue to enjoy your blog via Google Reader, though, and will certainly come comment from time to time. Thank you again!


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