Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  I seem to have caught the lazy blogger flu that is going around the priest community recently.  (The decline of the blogging community is, in my opinion, an omen of the death of WoW, but that is probably an issue that deserves an entire post of its own.)

Lately my playing just hasn’t inspired any posts.  Our 10-man team is missing a tank and two healers, and is only raiding (if you can call it that) one night a week.  Our 25-man raid progression has stalled completely for various reasons, none of which seem to be quickly or easily fixable.

PVP has become my main interest these days, but even that has been frustrating.  My PVP gear is as good as it can get without arena ratings, and I am having serious issues getting my schedule coordinated with my arena team partners.  (I didn’t get a single rated match in last week in any bracket, which is just complete and utter fail.) 

I have been doing a lot of BGs lately (even before mark farming was in vogue) which is loads of fun, especially when I am joined by guildies who also do arenas.  But lately the entire dynamics of battlegrounds has changed with people farming marks in anticipation of Patch 3.3.3.

On top of all that, my computer has decided to start having some massive video issues.  Mid-raid crashes into Windows failed to load restarts don’t do much to increase your enjoyment of the game.

Hopefully I can get the computer issues worked out soon.  (I have tried all the basic update drivers type fixes, with no success.)  I think I am going to upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 (if I can get the computer to run for long enough to complete the download and installation) and see if that cures whatever ails my PC.

I’ll try to share some of my recent BG exploits this week.  I have picked up a bunch of PVP battleground achievements over the past couple weeks, and there have been some funny and memorable moments.



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  1. wantedpriest on

    Apparently the newest nvidia drivers (196.75) have issues adjusting the fan speed when the video card heats up.

    So if you are running an nvidia card, you might want to pass on the latest driver update. I will be reinstalling the 196.21 driver tonight, and hopefully that will let me get back in the game. (my daily HK average was over 200 before my computer issues started, so I got some catching up to do.)


  2. wantedpriest on

    Allegedly nvidia has now pulled the 196.75 driver update off of its website while it investigates the fan speed issue.

    (Thanks to Unroku for spotting this article.)

    I was able to restore my system’s functionality last night, but I needed to roll my driver back further than the 196.21 that Blizz recommended. (I had the same issues with the 196.21, but was ok when I used the 195.62 version of the driver.)


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