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Happy Birthday To The Wanted Priest Blog!

It's my birthday!

3/28/09 - 3/28/10 Woot!

One year ago today I put up my first post.  (It wasn’t much of a post, but it was the first one, nonethless.) 

So happy birthday to The Wanted Priest blog!



25,000 Honorable Kills: Not a Scratch, Not a Fcukin Scratch

It’s official, I sent my 25,000th Alliance foe to the Spirit Healer last night.

25 stacks bitches!

Number 25,000 was some unlucky punk who got in our way as we stormed into the Blood Elf Tower in the Eye of the Storm. 

As you may recall, my goal back in late January was to hit 25,000 Honorable Kills by April.  Having achieved that goal, I think I will shoot for 50,000 by August 1st.  My thanks to the Alliance players of BG 10 (Nightfall) where most of the work was done, and a hearty welcome to the Alliance players of the Retaliation Battlegroup who will be next. 



Running in the Shadows – Shadow PVP

For a change of pace last week, I decided to swap my PVE Disc spec for a Shadow PVP spec, and ZOMG was it fun!  (So much fun that I raided all last week in my Disc PVP spec just so I didn’t have to replace my Shadow spec.)

The Shadow PVP spec I am using can be found here.

I had some prior experience with Shadow PVP on my alt Priest (Bhender), so I wasn’t starting from scratch, but it had been a while since I had melted any faces in Battlegrounds.  When I had played it before, I found that the spec was very powerful in one on one situations, but was just completely gimped whenever more than one opponent focused on you (which was basically all the time). 

I say the spec is gimped in multi-opponent situations for three reasons:

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Blogroll Cleanup

The WoW blogging community is a transient one, with people coming and going fairly regularly.  When I started this blog almost a year ago, I made sure to tip my hat to certain bloggers whose material I enjoyed reading by including a link to their blog in my blogroll.

Over the course of the past year, several of them have moved on to other pursuits in life, so it is time to waive farewell to them, and remove them from the blogroll.  I thank each of you for doing what you did, which enriched my life, and hope that you are well.

Holy Dueg – Dueg is perhaps the greatest belf Priest ever to play the game.  He is certainly the biggest tease after putting up a post or two last month, only to cast Fade once again.  How can you stay mad at someone that handsome though? 

Lowered Expectations – In addition to being a fellow Disc Priest, Kitts was the healing lead for his guild, and I enjoyed his insights on healing and raiding.

Need Healer Plz – I found D’s blog after she did an end of patch report card for herself, based on one of my posts.  I was so flattered that I started reading her blog and became a big fan.

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Seriously? (Alterac Valley Zerg Edition)

So I was running an AV last night because I need a couple more emblems to get another 30/30/30 PVP mount before Patch 3.3.3 hits and wipes out the Marks of Honor.  (I don’t collect mounts, but I do think the black PVP mounts are kinda cool, and since I am effectively honor capped for the foreseeable future, I don’t have any better use for the marks.)

As the raid is buffing up in the cave on the south side of AV, somebody in BG chat proclaims the presence of a tank, and quickly orders that we all zerg Vann.  Since I only needed 2 AV marks, I decided to depart from my typical AV activities (crazy stuff like capping towers and graveyards) and support the zerg.

So we get all the way north and the tank rolls straight into Vann without so much as checking to see if any healers (or DPS) are with him.  Luckily for him, I was there, and managed to get a Pain Suppression off, giving the other couple healers and myself time to heal him back up to full.

We keep doing our healing thing until one by one, all of the healers get whirlwinded by the Marshalls, and the tank finally drops with Vann at 7%.

And then people start going off in BG chat about how the heals are sooo fail.


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100 Days in Ice Crown Citadel – How Are Your Raiders Holding Up?

That’s right folks, ICC has been out for 100 days, so its time to take a step back from the game and examine the state of your raiders’ mental health. 

For many many players, 100 days is the upper limit of their attention span with respect to a particular raid instance.  At, or around that time, players who have previously been reliable raiders may begin to exhibit the following symptoms:

  • comes to raid without consumables and/or with ungemmed/unenchanted gear;
  • logs on seconds prior to the commencement of the raid;
  • has a dramatic increase in the frequency of RL conflicts with raids;
  • has unexplained absences from raids;
  • desires to change to a different class for raiding;
  • only logs onto main in order to attend raids, spending all other time in-game on alts;
  • shows increasing degree of intolerance for wipes, especially in older raids or on farm bosses;
  • expects recruits and undergeared players to be performing at current progression levels;
  • prefers cancelling raids to taking sub-optimal players and/or pugging raid slots;
  • stops offering assistance to guildies who ask for help;
  • increasingly engages in activities that do not require group play or social interaction with others; and/or
  • becomes increasingly more focused on his/her own performance as opposed to the performance of the raid.

Although these can all be signs of WoW burnout, more often than not these symptoms are merely the result of raid instance fatigue (“RIF”).    Continue reading

Seriously? (Holy Paladin Edition)

I was running a Warsong Gulch last night, when a teammate pointed out that the opposing team had five Paladins.  You read that right: 5 Pallys.  (For those who might not have had their first cup of coffee yet, let me remind you that in WSG, there are only 10 players on each team.)

So the Horde force rolls out, and it’s the same old song and dance you often get in WSG: both teams rush to get the flag, and then cleverly avoid each other as they race to return to their own flag room.  This masterful exercise in futility is then followed by someone in BG chat asking how they got our flag, why you noobs didn’t defend/return the flag, sharing their insights as to how much this group sucks, and then announcing that he is taking upon himself the awesome responsibility of defending our FC (i.e. doing nothing).

I get the impression that it is going to be a turtle when the DPS I had been assisting head for our flag room, leaving me as the only player from either team at midfield.  Continue reading

Is It Possible To Endgame Raid And Play Competitive PVP Simultaneously?

As anyone who has engaged in either endgame raiding or competitive PVP knows, there is a lot more involved than just showing up to raids and/or arena matches.  Each endeavor requires significant time and effort be invested by the player outside the raid or match in order for the player (and by extension the raid and/or team) to be able to compete at a relatively high level of play.

Endgame raiders need to spend time farming raid mats, earning emblems for gear upgrades, studying boss strategies, gemming/enchanting new gear, improving rotations, learning and gearing an offspec (and/or alts), maintaining guild relations, etc.

Competitive PVPers need to spend time farming honor for gear upgrades, earning battleground marks, studying player/team/bg/arena strategies, gemming/enchanting new gear, playing with teammates, etc.

And while the descriptions of these secondary activities seem fairly similar, there is not a significant amount of overlap in the actual secondary activities required to raid and PVP. 

Therein lies the rub.

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Sorry for the lack of posts lately.  I seem to have caught the lazy blogger flu that is going around the priest community recently.  (The decline of the blogging community is, in my opinion, an omen of the death of WoW, but that is probably an issue that deserves an entire post of its own.)

Lately my playing just hasn’t inspired any posts.  Our 10-man team is missing a tank and two healers, and is only raiding (if you can call it that) one night a week.  Our 25-man raid progression has stalled completely for various reasons, none of which seem to be quickly or easily fixable.

PVP has become my main interest these days, but even that has been frustrating.  My PVP gear is as good as it can get without arena ratings, and I am having serious issues getting my schedule coordinated with my arena team partners.  (I didn’t get a single rated match in last week in any bracket, which is just complete and utter fail.) 

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