Where is my 2010 Winter Olympics Pet?

I am not a collector of vanity pets in-game.  I have a tab or two of them, but that’s it.  The one pet that I summon most often though is my Spirit of Competition

The Spirit of Competition was a reward for engaging in battlegrounds during the course of the 2008 Summer Olympics.  To me, it’s like PVP street cred.  I see that little dragon and I know that there is a fellow PVP and battleground enthusiast. 

So as the 2010 Winter Olympics games have been going on, I have been patiently awaiting a similar reward to add to my meager collection.  Speculation has been rampant that Blizz will snub our great neighbor to the north and not recognize the Winter Olympics.

But then I saw this article on WoW.com yesterday, and I dared to hope again.

So Blizz, if you are reading this, give us our 2010 Essence of Competition!




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