Easymode PVP Rewards: Engaged

Rumor has it that Blizzard is going to replace the battleground mark system with a straight honor reward system, and magnify the amount of honor gained from HKs.  wow.com article is here.

To me, the most important language in the whole story was the part where Zarhym says:

To bring the rate at which players obtain PvP rewards with Honor more in-line with the rate at which players obtain PvE rewards via the Dungeon Finder . . .

Just looking at the changes Blizz is proposing, it is hard to forecast how the switch from honor and marks to just honor will impact the rate of honor gain.  It is very possible that all these changes would net to zero, and we would gain honor at the exact same pace as before. 

However, when you consider that Blizz wants the rate at which honor is gained to approximate the rate at which emblems are gained for PVE rewards, it is hard not to conclude that these changes are intended to bring about easymode PVP rewards. 

First they reintroduced PVP welfare epics back into the game by making high ilevel PVP gear available for purchase solely with honor, and now they are going to jack up the rate at which you gain honor to make the welfare epics even easier to attain.

So pretty soon it will be easier than ever for players to pick up a full set of competitive PVP gear simply by farming a little bit of honor in the BG of their choice (except for the one random BG you will need to run each day).

On a positive note: gearing up all the Infuriating Retardiators is really going to make us appreciate rated Battlegrounds, assuming, you know, we are still playing WoW by then.



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