/setfocus 25-man Progression

A while back, I talked about whether my guild was doing ICC wrong running 2 nights of 10-mans and 2 nights of 25-mans each week.  As we progressed deeper into the Citadel, we were spending a lot of time reclearing the Lower Spire bosses in both 10 and 25 each week, when we could have been focusing more on progression at one raid level or the other.

So the officers put the idea of switching from a 2/2 arrangement to either a 1/3 or 3/1 on simmer for a while.  That pot got moved to the front burner this week, with two new progression kills in 25-man, and some roster issues with our 3 10-man teams.

So effective this raid lockout, we will be running 1 night of 10-mans and 3 nights of 25-mans.  The Blood Prince Council and Valithria Dreamwalker have the big red Hunter’s Mark bouncing above them as we speak.

It should be interesting to see how the transition goes.  I suspect that 10-man work will just get rescheduled to time slots before or after our 25-man raids, or dropped into some time on the weekend when people can play.

I will add this to the growing list of things I need to do in-game that I am having trouble finding enough time to get done.  My time online outside our 4 regularly scheduled raid nights has been pretty low lately.  I really need to grind some more honor for a couple PVP pieces, I need to find a 2s partner for the arena, and I need to figure out a schedule with my 3s team so we can start getting some matches in.

I am very excited about the new focus on 25-mans though.  Our 25-man progression is at the same level as our 10-man progression right now, which kind of reflects the roster issues all three of our 10-man teams have been having.  I think our 25-man line up is the most consistent it has ever been (from both a skill and gear perspective) though, largely as a result of having 3 10-man groups running.  Hopefully the extra raid day each week will give us the extra push we need to break into the back half of the Citadel.

Being a fairly competitive person, I am also thrilled that we are focusing on 25-mans, as we are only 1 progression kill behind the top Horde-side guild on our server.  (Undermine is what it is, and these are the fish I swim with.  I won’t brag about how progressive we are, but I won’t apologize for my server either.)  

I think it was Bo Jackson that said “there are tough lessons to be learned from competition, fear is not one of them.”

/bring it



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  1. crankyhealer on

    Not to be Captain Obvious, but have you considered extending your raid ID for a week on the 25 so you can progress? That way you don’t spend time re-clearing the early bosses, but you’re still farming their lewt in the 10’s.

    • wantedpriest on

      CH – We have considered it, but we still have people who need the drops from the Lower Spire bosses, and we are only 6/12 in ICC (4/12 prior to last week). So extending the ID would potentially mean no emblems and/or ilevel 264 gear until we got a progression kill. Tough call when you are still close to the enrage timer on Festergut. I suspect that we may start extending IDs on 10s though, since we have those bosses pretty well farmed, and the 251s aren’t really valuable at this point.

  2. BobTurkey on

    Good luck.

    Blood Council 25 is chaotic but fun and you should get it reasonably quickly. VD 25 is a bit more of a challenge, but quite a different fight. Enjoy.

    Gobble gobble.

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