Screw It, We’re 2 Healing ICC-10 From Now On

My 10-man team lost another healer yesterday.  This time it was Lawette, a Healadin with whom we have been running for a couple months. 

Lawette elected to gquit because he didn’t receive a promotion from the rank of member to raider when we did the latest round of promotions last night.  

My guild’s 25-man healing line up has been pretty chaotic lately, and for the past two weeks, we have had an excessive amount of tank healers (3 Healadins and a Disc Priest) and very few raid healers.  On several occasions, we have done 25-man raids with 3 Healadins on tanks, and myself and 2 other healers on the raid.  It has been far from ideal.

So when promotion time rolled around, we were not comfortable with the idea of raising another tank healer to the rank of raider (which carries with it raid invitation priority) and elected to promote a Holy Priest who recently joined the guild instead.

And that was apparently the last straw for Lawette.

Frankly, his departure from the guild has left me pretty pissed off.  

You see, Lawette had a guaranteed 10-man slot on Team Bravo, and had been invited to the vast majority of our 25-man raids. 

To the best of my recollection, Lawette was benched for a single boss on one raid night (Rotface, whom we 2 tank-healed for the progression kill) and was a last-minute invite on another raid.  (Lawette wouldn’t have even gotten that last-minute invite if I hadn’t objected to his exclusion, and agreed to raid heal that night instead of tank heal.)  Otherwise, I believe that Lawette was invited to every other 25-man raid for which he was available.

But apparently having a fulltime 10-man raid slot, and a majority-of-the-time 25-man raid slot in a guild with 4 skilled and geared tank healers (one of whom is the GM and another is an officer) isn’t sufficient for Lawette.


Don’t let the fcuking door hit you on the way out.

I could accept Lawette’s sense of entitlement if he were an absolutely ace healer, but the fact is he isn’t.  He’s a solid healer, but no more than that.  He certainly isn’t good enough to displace Koramoor or me, and the majority opinion is that he is close, but not quite as good as Nehtor, our other tank healer.

And sadly, Paladins are not a class that you can simply retask to raid heals. 

All of which means that when you are the guild’s number 4 tank healer, in a one trick pony healing class, you aren’t going to get automatic invites, even if you are being invited to the majority of 25-man raids.

And I am so sick and tired of gearing up healers in our 10-man crew, only to have them gquit because they don’t feel like they are getting enough respect in 25-man raids that I think I am done with it. 

Screw it, we’re 2 healing ICC-10 from now on.



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