PVP Shields Get 10% Nerf As Well

Blizz caved to the drooling masses that complained about Disc Priest and Paladin shields not being subject to the 10% healing reduction in PVP that recently took effect, and reduced shields by 10% to match.  The wow.com article is here.

Can’t say that I am too happy about the change, but it’s Friday morning, and I am normally pretty grumpy on Friday mornings.  I am gonna go grab some coffee and ponder this some more.  brb

back (coffee courses through veins, and red haze of nerd rage seems to fade . . . somewhat)

It is fair to say that while not happy with this change, I am not entirely surprised either.  I figured that the odds were 50/50 we would see this change follow the healing nerf.  I gave it those odds, because there are different ways of looking at shields.

You can look at shields as a heal, in that they directly counter incoming damage.  For example, your arena partner is in the same position if he takes 5k damage and gets a 5k heal, as compared to getting a 5k shield and taking 5k damage. 

Viewing shields this way, it is easy to see how Blizz would nerf shields to match the nerf to heals.

Alternatively, you can view shields as effective health, since shields don’t actually restore damage already suffered, they temporarily prevent damage from being done.  For example, your arena partner has 30k health, and gets a 5k shield, giving him 35k effective health.

Looking at shields this way, it is possible to see Blizz leaving shields alone, as the recent PVP changes have allegedly been about increasing effective health in order to reduce the impact of burst damage.

Since shields have been nerfed, it looks as though Blizz follows the shields = heals philosophy.

So where does this leave us?  Fcuk if I know.  Burst damage being too high has been an issue for the past two seasons at least.  These changes are supposed to reduce burst damage to more appropriate levels.  When the resilience buff went live, there was a definite impact on burst damage.  Was it too much?  Blizz thought so.  So now healing and shields are nerfed to make healers mortal again.

To me, it seems as though these changes are happening far too quickly.  I would have preferred Blizz to take more time between arena seasons to implement and study these changes, instead of this rapid fire hot fix on the fly system they seem to be following.

Besides the pace of the hot fixes, I think Blizz was too quick to nerf heals.  PVP healers have had a fairly miserable experience the past 2 seasons, and they got about one week of parity before they got hit with the nerf bat.  On top of that, the week of parity wasn’t even in an arena season.  Healers are scarce in BGs and have pretty low representation in the arena as well.  I think Blizz could have improved the PVP healer population by either delaying the healing nerf longer, or very gradually implementing the nerf (say 1% per week). 

I suspect that a healer who was contemplating getting into the PVP scene heard that the resilience buff made PVP healing fun again, and then one week later, hears that it is back to being the suck, and you have to do a pretty brutal honor grind to get enough resilience gear to be competitive nowadays.

Which is not a good way to do things if one of your goals is to make the healing experience more enjoyable. 



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