PVP Welfare Epics Are Back!

I strolled over to the Hall of Champions (or whatever its called) in Org on Tuesday to see what new goodness was on sale for the PVP crowd, and couldn’t believe what I saw:

ilevel 264 Wrathful Gladiator offset pieces (wrist, neck, back and trinket) available for Honor Points.  That’s right: Honor Points.  No Arena Points, no Arena Ratings, just straight up honor.

In addition to the above, the entire line of ilevel 245 Relentless Gladiator offset pieces are available for Honor Points as well. 

Furthermore, the ilevel 251 Relentless set pieces can be purchased for a combination of Honor Points and Arena Points.  No Arena Rating is required to purchase these items either.  (Meaning you can lose 10 Arena matches a week for Arena Points, or do the BG Daily quest which also awards Arena Points without even setting foot in the arena.)

All of which means that a freshly dinged level 80 toon can now farm honor in Wintergrasp and the BGs, and outfit him or herself with tier 9 or better gear, without setting foot in a raid instance.  And although the gear will have plenty of resilience on it, which is a wasted stat in PVE, the itemization of the ilevel 245+ gear is not soo horrendous as to make it unusable.

In short: PVP welfare epics are back!

For example, say you need to upgrade your ilevel 200 Wispcloak.  You can either do 25 days worth of random heroic dailies for Emblems of Frost for this, or you can grind 52k honor in WG and BGs in less than a week for this.  I’ll wait while you think it over. . .

Yes the itemization on the Emblem cloak is going to be much better for PVE, but even taking that into account, the PVP cloak is still going to blow away anything and everything other than ToC, ToGC and ICC gear. 

Overall, I am not sure how I feel about the return of PVP welfare epics.  I was fairly late to the party back in BC, and spent a decent amount of time at the end of that expansion doing battlegrounds in my cool as hell Season 2 gear (which I got from honor farming).  ((Season 2 gear was the original PVP welfare epic gear, and I gobbled it up at the time.))  (((It should be noted that I didn’t bootstrap myself into raiding with that gear, I actually used it for its intended purposes: killing Alliance scum.)))

Now, as we once again enter the final months of an expansion, I fully expect to see a new wave of players take the path of least resistance to epic gear by swarming into the battlegrounds to farm honor.  

And I suspect that much of these PVP welfare epics will not see very much PVP action once they have been farmed.

Personally, I don’t want to see people wearing welfare epics in my raids, and I don’t particularly care to see people fighting on the roads in AB wearing this gear either.  (And you know for a fact that is where these fcuktards will be.) 

You can call me elitist if it makes you feel better.  I don’t give a shit.  (I might secretly enjoy it actually.)  Good gear should be earned, not handed out for free.  And if you can’t earn it, then you have to wait for quest greens in the next fcuking expansion.

So I guess it makes me angry that PVP is now yet another avenue to entry level raiding gear, which is already stupidly easy to acquire.  And I guess I am also angry that this high level PVP gear is available for just honor, which is the lowest common denominator of PVP play. 

Which makes me angry/angry.  (STFU I am a Disc Priest, we are born angry.)

For those who are actually going to use the gear for PVP: I will look for you on the battlefield.



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  1. wantedpriest on

    Euripedes over at CriticalQQ has an interesting take on the issue of high end PVP gear being available for honor, with no arena point or arena ratings requirements.


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