10-Man Heroic Saurfang Downed & Progression Update

Apparently the Saurfang encounter was set to heroic last night for both 10 and 25 man raids.  I have not seen Blizz confirm this yet, but then again I didn’t read through all 20 pages of the thread on the forums either.

My 10-man team was in ICC last night, and we ran the encounter without any knowledge of the bug.  The week before, we killed Saurfang with zero marks, but last night, we had our first mark go out when Saurfang was at 60%.  We ended up one-shotting him, with two marks out when he bit the dust. 

Since we have been face rolling the Lower Spire for a couple weeks, and just got our OT back from his account being hacked (/wave to Zapan), we just figured that people got sloppy on the attempt, and moved on.

So I had to laugh this morning when I read about Saurfang being on hard mode.  Without even knowing about the bug, we one-shotted him, with no deaths and only 2 marks going out.  Awesome.

Later in the evening, we finally pulled our act together and downed Rotface.  It was nice to finally get that fight out of the way.  Festergut and Rotface appear to be fairly substantial progression barriers for many guilds.  So I was happy that we have cleared them both on 10-man.

Our 25-man team got Festergut to 80,000 health on Monday night before we wiped. 80,000/40,000,000 = 0.2%   Ughhhh.  I am confident that we will get him down tonight though.  We have also made decent progress on Rotface, getting him under 3% on our best attempt.  Hopefully this week we can break through these two bosses in 25-man and get to work on the Professor.

Mostly I am just pleased that we seem to be clearing the gear and skill checks that  Blizz tossed up in the Plagueworks before they decide to start nerfing the place.  <Covenant> may not be out on the edge of the progression wave, but we are not too far back.

Which is a good thing.



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  1. wantedpriest on

    Festergut dropped last night (one-shotted, even), as predicted. Woot!


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