From Rawr to Meow (?)

As you may have heard, Blizz is implementing its PVP healing nerf to partially counter the effects of the recent resilience changes.  The article is here.

So high resilience Disc Priests might be a little less hard to kill than we were last week.  (I really hope you got to enjoy our brief moment in the sunshine.)

Some have suggested that because mitigation has not been affected by the resilience buff or the healing nerf, that Disc Priests will become unstoppable.  While it is true that mitigation has not been reduced in the way that healing and burst damage have, I do not believe that shields have become totally OP. 

In my PVP set, self-buffed, I think I have just over 27k health.  My average shield in a PVP environment absorbs somwhere around 6k damage. 

Allegedly, Blizz has implemented these changes to prevent people from getting blown up in 1-2 global cooldowns.  Which would mean that one or more dps would be able to burst 33k damage in that amount of time.  (27 health + 6 shield = 33).

If Blizz were to nerf shields by 20%, as some would like, then we are talking about the dps having to blow through 31.8k health instead of 33k health in 1-2 global cooldowns.  (27 health + .8*6 shields = 31.8).

As you can see, that 1.2k of extra shielding is pretty insignificant on the scale of dps that we are talking about.

So I don’t think that Disc Priests are going to become the flavor of the month anytime soon because our shields haven’t been mucked with just yet.

Having said that, though, even with the healing nerf, I believe that PVP healers will have a more enjoyable experience this season.

I’ll let you know how bad the PVP healing nerf feels once I am able to get online and do some testing.



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