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Where is my 2010 Winter Olympics Pet?

I am not a collector of vanity pets in-game.  I have a tab or two of them, but that’s it.  The one pet that I summon most often though is my Spirit of Competition

The Spirit of Competition was a reward for engaging in battlegrounds during the course of the 2008 Summer Olympics.  To me, it’s like PVP street cred.  I see that little dragon and I know that there is a fellow PVP and battleground enthusiast. 

So as the 2010 Winter Olympics games have been going on, I have been patiently awaiting a similar reward to add to my meager collection.  Speculation has been rampant that Blizz will snub our great neighbor to the north and not recognize the Winter Olympics.

But then I saw this article on yesterday, and I dared to hope again.

So Blizz, if you are reading this, give us our 2010 Essence of Competition!




Easymode PVP Rewards: Engaged

Rumor has it that Blizzard is going to replace the battleground mark system with a straight honor reward system, and magnify the amount of honor gained from HKs. article is here.

To me, the most important language in the whole story was the part where Zarhym says:

To bring the rate at which players obtain PvP rewards with Honor more in-line with the rate at which players obtain PvE rewards via the Dungeon Finder . . .

Just looking at the changes Blizz is proposing, it is hard to forecast how the switch from honor and marks to just honor will impact the rate of honor gain.  It is very possible that all these changes would net to zero, and we would gain honor at the exact same pace as before. 

However, when you consider that Blizz wants the rate at which honor is gained to approximate the rate at which emblems are gained for PVE rewards, it is hard not to conclude that these changes are intended to bring about easymode PVP rewards. 

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/setfocus 25-man Progression

A while back, I talked about whether my guild was doing ICC wrong running 2 nights of 10-mans and 2 nights of 25-mans each week.  As we progressed deeper into the Citadel, we were spending a lot of time reclearing the Lower Spire bosses in both 10 and 25 each week, when we could have been focusing more on progression at one raid level or the other.

So the officers put the idea of switching from a 2/2 arrangement to either a 1/3 or 3/1 on simmer for a while.  That pot got moved to the front burner this week, with two new progression kills in 25-man, and some roster issues with our 3 10-man teams.

So effective this raid lockout, we will be running 1 night of 10-mans and 3 nights of 25-mans.  The Blood Prince Council and Valithria Dreamwalker have the big red Hunter’s Mark bouncing above them as we speak.

It should be interesting to see how the transition goes.  I suspect that 10-man work will just get rescheduled to time slots before or after our 25-man raids, or dropped into some time on the weekend when people can play.

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Screw It, We’re 2 Healing ICC-10 From Now On

My 10-man team lost another healer yesterday.  This time it was Lawette, a Healadin with whom we have been running for a couple months. 

Lawette elected to gquit because he didn’t receive a promotion from the rank of member to raider when we did the latest round of promotions last night.  

My guild’s 25-man healing line up has been pretty chaotic lately, and for the past two weeks, we have had an excessive amount of tank healers (3 Healadins and a Disc Priest) and very few raid healers.  On several occasions, we have done 25-man raids with 3 Healadins on tanks, and myself and 2 other healers on the raid.  It has been far from ideal.

So when promotion time rolled around, we were not comfortable with the idea of raising another tank healer to the rank of raider (which carries with it raid invitation priority) and elected to promote a Holy Priest who recently joined the guild instead.

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Don’t Nerf ICC Bro!

If I could say four words to Blizzard right now, I would say “Don’t nerf ICC bro!”

Blizz has stated that they intend to eventually deploy a buff which will increase damage, health, regen, yadda yadda yadda for players inside the instance thereby making the raid less difficult.  Blizz has also stated that the buff will get progressively bigger as time goes on, thereby gradually decreasing the difficulty of the instance.


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PVP Shields Get 10% Nerf As Well

Blizz caved to the drooling masses that complained about Disc Priest and Paladin shields not being subject to the 10% healing reduction in PVP that recently took effect, and reduced shields by 10% to match.  The article is here.

Can’t say that I am too happy about the change, but it’s Friday morning, and I am normally pretty grumpy on Friday mornings.  I am gonna go grab some coffee and ponder this some more.  brb

back (coffee courses through veins, and red haze of nerd rage seems to fade . . . somewhat)

It is fair to say that while not happy with this change, I am not entirely surprised either.  I figured that the odds were 50/50 we would see this change follow the healing nerf.  I gave it those odds, because there are different ways of looking at shields.

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PVP Welfare Epics Are Back!

I strolled over to the Hall of Champions (or whatever its called) in Org on Tuesday to see what new goodness was on sale for the PVP crowd, and couldn’t believe what I saw:

ilevel 264 Wrathful Gladiator offset pieces (wrist, neck, back and trinket) available for Honor Points.  That’s right: Honor Points.  No Arena Points, no Arena Ratings, just straight up honor.

In addition to the above, the entire line of ilevel 245 Relentless Gladiator offset pieces are available for Honor Points as well. 

Furthermore, the ilevel 251 Relentless set pieces can be purchased for a combination of Honor Points and Arena Points.  No Arena Rating is required to purchase these items either.  (Meaning you can lose 10 Arena matches a week for Arena Points, or do the BG Daily quest which also awards Arena Points without even setting foot in the arena.)

All of which means that a freshly dinged level 80 toon can now farm honor in Wintergrasp and the BGs, and outfit him or herself with tier 9 or better gear, without setting foot in a raid instance.  And although the gear will have plenty of resilience on it, which is a wasted stat in PVE, the itemization of the ilevel 245+ gear is not soo horrendous as to make it unusable.

In short: PVP welfare epics are back!

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10-Man Heroic Saurfang Downed & Progression Update

Apparently the Saurfang encounter was set to heroic last night for both 10 and 25 man raids.  I have not seen Blizz confirm this yet, but then again I didn’t read through all 20 pages of the thread on the forums either.

My 10-man team was in ICC last night, and we ran the encounter without any knowledge of the bug.  The week before, we killed Saurfang with zero marks, but last night, we had our first mark go out when Saurfang was at 60%.  We ended up one-shotting him, with two marks out when he bit the dust. 

Since we have been face rolling the Lower Spire for a couple weeks, and just got our OT back from his account being hacked (/wave to Zapan), we just figured that people got sloppy on the attempt, and moved on.

So I had to laugh this morning when I read about Saurfang being on hard mode.  Without even knowing about the bug, we one-shotted him, with no deaths and only 2 marks going out.  Awesome.

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From Rawr to Meow (?)

As you may have heard, Blizz is implementing its PVP healing nerf to partially counter the effects of the recent resilience changes.  The article is here.

So high resilience Disc Priests might be a little less hard to kill than we were last week.  (I really hope you got to enjoy our brief moment in the sunshine.)

Some have suggested that because mitigation has not been affected by the resilience buff or the healing nerf, that Disc Priests will become unstoppable.  While it is true that mitigation has not been reduced in the way that healing and burst damage have, I do not believe that shields have become totally OP. 

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