Disc Priests are Hard to Kill (again) ((finally))

Season 8 Disc Priest

The double resilience change went live, and ZOMG are Disc Priests hard to kill again.

Like, late-BC-PVP-welfare-epics-Disc-Priest hard to kill.

With a solid set of PVP gear, and some skill, you can easily priest tank 2-3 dps in battlgrounds.  You can also DoT/lolsmite/outlast almost any non-healer class one-on-one.

I kid you not, I had more solo kills this weekend, than I probably have had in the past year. 

In one Wintergrasp, I took on a Boomkin who was softening up a cannon.  Half way through the fight, a DK jumps me.  I managed to kill the DK, and then finish off the Boomkin.  Solo.  Then, before I could even get back to full mana, a Ret Pally decides I look like an easy target.  I buried him, and then I also killed the mage that tried to light me up immediately after I killed the Pally.  Now clearly the level of play in Wintergrasp is not very high, but a healer beating a 2 on 1, followed by 2 solo kills, on like 1.5 mana bars is just retarded.

And it didn’t stop there.  All the old BC era tricks were working again: ‘Priest bait’ worked in Eye of the Storm, ‘follow the Priest while my FC runs by’ worked in Warsong Gulch, and ‘survive till reinforcements arrive’ worked in Arathi Basin.

One week ago, none of these tricks worked, because you couldn’t survive the pounding 2 dps would give you long enough.  Now, I could withstand an assult from 3 dps if we were doing Priest bait or survive/arrive, and I managed to lead 5 of the opposing team away from midfield in one Warsong Gulch long enough for the FC to dance past.

So make no mistake, with the changes to resilience, Priest tanking is back. 

This is what Disc Priest PVP is supposed to be. 




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  1. Vihmera on

    Yes!! Just what I wanted to hear! ^_^ Love your blog by the way 🙂 Oop! Queue just popped 😀


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