Season 2 Fcuking Rules

Merciless Gladiator's Investiture

For the record, I seriously dislike the recent  models for the Priest tier sets.  Tier 9 had us looking like warlocks.  Tier 10 makes me feel like a mage.  Tier 8 was alright, but it is no where near as cool as Season 2.

I love the look of Season 2. 

When I am standing around in Dalaran, I wear Season 2. 

Oftentimes after the first pull in a random heroic, I wear Season 2.

Season 2 is how a Priest should look.

Some people think I am nuts for keeping 7 pieces of level 70 PVP gear in my bags.  They think I am bat shit crazy when they notice that I have epic gems and enchants on my Season 2 gear.

They are probably right.

But when you look this fcuking cool, it’s ok if people think you’re crazy.



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  1. (un)Holy Dueg! on

    Don’t let em say you’re wrong, Vess, keep on keeping on!

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