Wasting away again in the Plagueworks . . .

So it’s week two of the Plagueworks, and progress has been slow.  On 10-man, we have dropped Festergut twice, but are having a tougher time getting past Rotface.  We are having issues with the kite at the moment, with either the tank getting hammered by a big slime, or a dps not getting enough heals when running the baby slimes out.  A few more attempts, and I think we will have it though.  Then we can grind ourselves against the good Professor. 

On 25 -man, we have made progress on Rotface, managing to get him down to 3% on our best attempt thus far.  Our 25-man team doesn’t have the dps required for Festergut at the moment, so we are planning to work on ToGC 25 (after we drop Rotgut) until we get some better gear or they nerf the Plagueworks. 

What is perhaps most frustrating, is that we have to clear the first wing each week before we can move on to the Plagueworks.  Covenant runs 2 nights of 10-mans and 2 nights of 25-mans each week.  So the first raid night of the week for each bracket is a race to clear out the first wing and get through trash.  Most times, we can get at least one attempt in on the new bosses in the Plagueworks before the end of the raid.  Normally, however, everyone is kind of tired by then, and definitely not on their A game due to the sheer volume and speed of the fights we have to get through. And the respawning trash you face the next time you go in really doesn’t help get the next raid back in gear, although it is no where near as bad from a time management standpoint. 

I kind of get the feeling that we are doing it wrong, as a guild, in running 2 25s and 2 10s each week.  It feels like we should be doing either 3 nights of 10s and 1 of 25s, or vice versa, in order to take some of the time pressure off the raids, and enable us to play our best each time.  

But just when I start thinking that I am on to something, I have to consider that there are a limited number of attempts on the Professor each week.  Team Alpha has been able to clear Festergut and Rotface each week, but hasn’t been able to clear the Professor.  So more 10-man raid time would be a waste for them.  My team (Bravo) is just about there as well, although having an extra raid night (at least in the short-term) would probably help us get to that point.  Team Charlie is still working on consistently clearing the first wing, but could definitely use the additional time.

In any event, we will have fallen off the 25-man progression wave as of Tuesday, and there is a good chance that all of our 10-man teams will have as well.  With both groups out of the running, maybe we should focus on 25-mans instead.

We have added a lot of new recruits lately, and there have been very few raid slots available to less than cutting edge geared toons, due to the high dps requirements in 25 man ICC.  Doing 3 nights of 25-mans would allow us to do a more relaxed 1 night clear of the first wing of ICC, spend 1 night working on ToGC and Plagueworks progression, and then have a third night to run ToC25 and Ony for new recruits and slightly undergeared raiders. 

And honestly, I think Alpha and Bravo could squeeze a clear of the first wing in ICC10 into the time before or after 25-man raids over the course of 2 nights.  So losing a night of 10-man raiding hopefully wouldn’t set them back that far, or at least wouldn’t feel much different from the current pull pull pull approach we are using now.

Guess I will have a chat with some of the officers to see what they think.  I’ll keep you posted.


ps where the fcuk’s my shaker of salt?


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  1. Maelle on

    Our guild is facing very similar problems with ICC 25/10 progression as well. Our 10man has 2 druid healers and a disc healer (main tank). But since people seems to always die while kitting the baby slimes, I thought we may need to swap one of the druids and get a paladin to top the infected members quickly. hmmm… Or maybe we just need to become more efficient and quick at kitting and merging of the oozes.

    What turns me off is that our officers keep recruiting more dps and we always need to teach new people about the mechanics of the fights. You can always expect to die a couple of times only because people dont know what to do. Funny how people dont care to do some research before the raid and think that with 3k dps they are a very useful raid member.
    Also another problem that has emerged recently is that dps casters have been rolling on every single healing gear (no hit). They say it is an excellent upgrade since they have too much hit from their T10/9 sets, but that is really bad for healers because they always need to fight against dps, plus dps has double the chance of getting upgrades. I guess I should speak with my officers about that too.

    • wantedpriest on

      Maelle – We run Healadin, Disc Priest, Resto Shammy in our 10 man, and have tried a couple different healing assignments for the fight. Our best set up seems to be Healadin on the Rotface tank, Disc Priest on the person with mutated infection & the kite tank, and the Shammy on raid.

      It really helps to have a mobile caster healing the kiters, since the damage from the DoT, and proximity to the slimes can really add up fast. If one of your druids is struggling (and can tank heal), you could have the Disc Priest focus on the toons with mutated injection.

      I generally hit the person with mutated infection with a shield, renew and a frisbee (PoM) as they run to the kite tank, purge the slime when they are in position, and immediately hit them with Penance while they run back into the raid. This has worked fairly well for us so far.

      Our issue now is too much damage from people getting hit with slime spray, or running through pools of slime during a kite. If we can get a little better on that, I think we can finally down Rotface.

      Don’t even get me started on the issue of loot competition. grrrrr.


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