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Disc Priests are Hard to Kill (again) ((finally))

Season 8 Disc Priest

The double resilience change went live, and ZOMG are Disc Priests hard to kill again.

Like, late-BC-PVP-welfare-epics-Disc-Priest hard to kill.

With a solid set of PVP gear, and some skill, you can easily priest tank 2-3 dps in battlgrounds.  You can also DoT/lolsmite/outlast almost any non-healer class one-on-one.

I kid you not, I had more solo kills this weekend, than I probably have had in the past year. 

In one Wintergrasp, I took on a Boomkin who was softening up a cannon.  Half way through the fight, a DK jumps me.  I managed to kill the DK, and then finish off the Boomkin.  Solo.  Then, before I could even get back to full mana, a Ret Pally decides I look like an easy target.  I buried him, and then I also killed the mage that tried to light me up immediately after I killed the Pally.  Now clearly the level of play in Wintergrasp is not very high, but a healer beating a 2 on 1, followed by 2 solo kills, on like 1.5 mana bars is just retarded.

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Can Disc Priests Compete As Tank Healers In Progression Content?

There seems to be a lot of talk on the interwebs about how Disc Priests cannot tank heal effectively on progression content anymore. 

Most recently, Paolo over at Penance Priest gave a pretty discouraging review of Disc Priest tank healing after he jumped into progression content alongside two solid Healadins.  You can read his article here

While I respect Paolo’s opinions, I do not share his beliefs on the state of Disc Priest tank healing.

So how can the two of us have such differing views on the subject?  Simple, we follow two very different schools of thought when it comes to stat priorities.

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Arena Season 8 Disc PVP Spec

Season 8 begins next week, and I think I am ready to get back into the arena on a consistent basis.

Gearwise, I am 4/5 Furious 1/5 Relentless, with Furious offset pieces in all other slots, with the exception of my rings and weapons.  I am using Marrowgar’s Frigid Eye and Ashen Band of Unmatched Wisdom in lieu of PVP rings at the moment, because they are just so damned good.  I also picked up a Mag’hari Chieftain’s Staff off Saurfang in ICC-10 the other day, and dropped 2 stam gems into it for my PVP set, till I can get something better.

Here is the spec I will be running this season:  Season 8 Disc PVP Spec

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Show Me The Money: Tailoring

I am by no means an AH warrior.  Most of the time, I am lucky to have 1,000g on all my toons combined.  I don’t farm (more than I have to), I don’t quest (much), I don’t play the AH.

But I do manage to make some money now and then.  Most recently, I have been making great money selling the ilevel 245 crafted bracers:  Royal Moonshroud Bracers and Bejeweled Wizard’s Bracers.

On my server, you can generally get the mats for around 1500-2000g.  The Moonshroud sell for 3,000g, and the Bejeweled for 3,500g.  If you have Emblems of Triumph lying around, you can drop your cost even further by turning in emblems for the Crusader Orbs.

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Season 2 Fcuking Rules

Merciless Gladiator's Investiture

For the record, I seriously dislike the recent  models for the Priest tier sets.  Tier 9 had us looking like warlocks.  Tier 10 makes me feel like a mage.  Tier 8 was alright, but it is no where near as cool as Season 2.

I love the look of Season 2. 

When I am standing around in Dalaran, I wear Season 2. 

Oftentimes after the first pull in a random heroic, I wear Season 2.

Season 2 is how a Priest should look.

Some people think I am nuts for keeping 7 pieces of level 70 PVP gear in my bags.  They think I am bat shit crazy when they notice that I have epic gems and enchants on my Season 2 gear.

They are probably right.

But when you look this fcuking cool, it’s ok if people think you’re crazy.


Wasting away again in the Plagueworks . . .

So it’s week two of the Plagueworks, and progress has been slow.  On 10-man, we have dropped Festergut twice, but are having a tougher time getting past Rotface.  We are having issues with the kite at the moment, with either the tank getting hammered by a big slime, or a dps not getting enough heals when running the baby slimes out.  A few more attempts, and I think we will have it though.  Then we can grind ourselves against the good Professor. 

On 25 -man, we have made progress on Rotface, managing to get him down to 3% on our best attempt thus far.  Our 25-man team doesn’t have the dps required for Festergut at the moment, so we are planning to work on ToGC 25 (after we drop Rotgut) until we get some better gear or they nerf the Plagueworks. 

What is perhaps most frustrating, is that we have to clear the first wing each week before we can move on to the Plagueworks.  Covenant runs 2 nights of 10-mans and 2 nights of 25-mans each week.  So the first raid night of the week for each bracket is a race to clear out the first wing and get through trash.  Most times, we can get at least one attempt in on the new bosses in the Plagueworks before the end of the raid.  Normally, however, everyone is kind of tired by then, and definitely not on their A game due to the sheer volume and speed of the fights we have to get through.  Continue reading

Seriously? (Fail Warlock Can Die in a Fire Edition)

Eight runs through Heroic Halls of Reflection, and finally the Shriveled Heart drops. 

And I lose the roll to this tool:  Braincandy

Thanks for your sub 2,000 dps Braincandy.  I am so glad that the LFD tool has allowed other people to carry you through dungeons and help you gear up.

Seriously, go die in a fcuking fire.

And on that note, I think that I will just forgoe the Shriveled Heart.  I am a raiding Disc Priest, I will pick up the Shadow Silk Spindle sooner or later.

Fcuk the scrub gear, and fcuk carrying these scrubs through dungeons they have no business running.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the new 5-man dungeons, I really do.  But this whole ‘free ride for the failbots’ philosophy is just bullshit. 

Screw you guys.  I am taking my tier 10 and going home.