10-Man Healing Team

Our 10-man team has been having trouble lately with progression, and a somewhat significant factor has been our healing team.  For the last couple months, we have been running with a Disc Priest (moi), a Holy Priest (Ashleign) and whomever we can find to fill the third slot.  We have had numerous people rotate through slot number 3, but haven’t been able to find the right fit.

In addition to our issues with the 3rd healer position, our 2nd healer, Ashleign, really would rather be melting faces instead of CoHing.  Ash is an awesome Holy Priest, but it would be great to be able to find a comparable aoe healer, so that she can do what makes her happy. 

For a while in 3.2, we were able to get away with having a patchwork healing team, as Ash and I were able to carry the third healer.  Mine was the product of gear and skill, while Ash’s was more skill than gear, as she was splitting time between healing and dps upgrades. 

As we finished off ToC 10, and started working on ToGC 10 though, it became very apparent that the days of having 1.75/3.0 dedicated healers were at an end.  The content was just too challenging for us to be able to carry the 3rd healer, and still cover our own assignments. Unfortunately for Team Bravo, this pattern has carried over into 10-man Ice Crown Citadel.  Lord Marrowgar requires 2 quality tank healers, and at my current gear level, I haven’t been able to assist our 3rd healer enough for us to be able to get through the encounter. 

I am finding that I have to blow defensive cooldowns on the MT, in order for him to still be alive by the time I get back to him after helping the 3rd healer catch up healing the off tank. 

On one attempt, I popped Divine Hymn during a bonestorm to try and save multiple members of the raid who were below 50% health, only to grab aggro and get Saberlashed. 

In short, most of my attempts to lend a hand to my fellow healers have either risked, or directly resulted in wipes for the group.  This leads me to believe that, for the time being, we need to have healers who are capable of covering their assignments on their own. 

So it looks like our progression is going to be limited until we can find a solid tank healer to join our 10-man team. 

Fortunately for us, it looks like we might be able to fill our other tank healer slot.  One of the Healadins with whom we have been playing recently has gotten some computer issues fixed, and is back on vent too, which were the major issues he needed to overcome.  He came to us highly recommended, and is starting to show some of that promise.  We also learned that another Healadin we had been using, who had to leave the game due to RL issues, may be coming back in the near future.   

The guild also picked up a Resto Shaman this week, who looked pretty solid during our ICC 25-man run the other night.  He also needs some gear in order to be ICC ready, but if he works out, we may be able to move Ashleign to dps so she can flex her newly improved spriest muscles. 

These two additions are also exciting, because it would mean adding a second set of Paladin buffs, Shaman totems, a Bloodlust, and Replenishment to the raid.       

 So our new 10-man raid line up could look like this:

Tanks: Protadin, Bear Tank

Healers: Disc Priest, Healadin, Resto Shammy

DPS: Death Knight, Mage, Warlock, Rogue, Spriest

We always have been, and will continue to be a ranged heavy group, which was great for ToC, but seems to be more of a liability in ICC so far.  Still, I think that the new line up would give us a much better shot at progressing than our current roster.

I just hope that we can get the new people slotted, and geared up sufficiently in the next week or two, so that we can make some progress in ICC.  The lack of progress is definitely taking a toll on 10-man morale, and we need to see some light at the end of this tunnel.

Maybe that 28 day lock out on the next wing isn’t so crazy after all.  I would much rather be in a group clearing the content currently, but that window may be enough for some 10-man groups, like mine, to pick up enough gear upgrades to give them a shot at clearing the new bosses before then next four open.

I’ll keep you posted.



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  1. wantedpriest on

    Well, we headed back to ICC 10 last night with the new Resto Shaman and our Healadin to try out the new healing team. We had some other substitutions as well, namely a Fury Warrior for our Rogue, and a Hunter for one of our Mages. (I say Mages, because with Ashleign going shadow, we now have 6 dps on our team with only 5 slots available. That subject will require its own post though…)

    With the new team, we managed to one shot Marrowgar. We needed about three attempts before we got LD’s adds under control, and managed to down her. Then we beat the gunship battle on the second try. We even made one attempt on Saurufang before we called it quits for the night.

    So I would say that the new healing comp was a pretty big success. I need to go back and parse some numbers from last night, but it seemed like the synergies were just what we needed to get us over the progression barrier, and get back on track.


    • wantedpriest on

      Week 3 of the new patch is drawing to a close, and it is official: the new healing line-up kicks fcuking @ss. We rolled the first 3 bosses in ICC-10 on Tuesday, and downed Saurfang after a couple attempts. (We switched from 3 healers to 2 on Saurfang, and the extra dps seemed to make the difference.)

      We also headed back into ToGC-10, and downed the NBs and Jaraxus before we hit a brick wall on the FCs. The comp we faced was just horrific: Boomkin, Disc Priest, Lock, Rogue, Ele Shaman and DK. Sweet Jesus. There were soo many magical debuffs going off on people, it wasn’t even funny. Hopefully we get a better set up next week.


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