I feel so dirty . . .

I finally replaced my Handbook of Obscure Remedies last night.  Lightbane Focus dropped off of the Twins in 10-man ToC, and I ended up with it. 

(We use open rolls for 10-man runs, and our Warlock won the roll.  He is currently using Perdition, but has a one-hander in the bank with which he was going to pair the Lightbane Focus.  After some badgering by several other members of the raid, he agreed to pass it to me since I so very much needed the upgrade.)  ((Thanks Isyomama!))  (((No shit, that is his toon’s name.)))

So while I am happy about replacing the ilevel 200 item I have been carrying around for like 10 months, I feel like a dirty old man. 

Between the Lightbane Focus and the Brimstone Igniter, I am sporting 65 hit rating.  A healing Priest . . . with hit rating.  Eeewwwwww.

When it was just one piece, I could ignore it.  But now there are two DPS pieces in my kit.  Oh the shame.

And I want to send out a giant fcuk you to Blizzard. 

Fcuk you Blizzard for forcing me to either equip tier 7 healing items, or tier 9 DPS items.  

Fcuk you Blizzard for making me roll against every other healer AND cloth DPS for items that are not “best in slot”, but effectively “only in slot”. 




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  1. wantedpriest on

    P.S. – From a PVP perspective, these are two very nice pieces for a Disc Priest to have. Hit can be a tough stat for healers to acquire, and MH/OH/Wand are probably the easiest places to do so without having to radically alter your PVP kit.

    So PVP Vess is happier than PVE Vess with these two pieces.

    • Unroku on

      Good. Now get on and pvp with us! = )

  2. Winter on

    I have to agree with you.. clothies have been very screwed in LK. Clothie weapon drops especially.. hardly ever drop and when they do you have to roll against anybody and everybody who can equip it.

    Fcuk you Blizzard from Winter.

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