Silent Resolve – Just Do It

Today we are going to talk about a talent found in the second tier of the Discipline tree: Silent Resolve. 

When fully talented (3 points), Silent Resolve reduces the threat generated by the Priest’s Holy and Discipline spells by 20%.  (We are going to ignore the dispel resistance mechanic for the time being, as it is mainly a PVP effect.)

In the days before WotLK, grabbing aggro off your tank was a much bigger issue for healers.  Most pulls, you had to let the tank build up threat for a while before healing them.  If you were good, the tank didn’t die before your heal went off, and you waited just long enough so that your heal did not cause the mobs to immediately turn and run your direction with bad intentions. 

Back then, Silent Resolve was a 5 point talent, and it was pretty much a necessity for every Priest.

When WotLK was released, tanks got a significant upgrade to their threat generation.  The new expansion also meant that most people were primarily running 5-man content again (normal and heroic), which had far fewer trash mobs and pats than we were used to. 

The combination of these two factors resulted in most Priests fully un-talenting Silent Resolve (which had been reduced from 5 points to 3) in favor of other talents. 

And for a while, this strategy was fairly successful.  As I mentioned, Northrend dungeons did not have anywhere near the mob density of Outlands dungeons, so even if the healer managed to pull aggro, the tank could normally use a single target taunt to get the situation back under control. 

Fast forward to today.  Most Priests are still running with zero points in Silent Resolve, but are no longer in low mob density 5-man content.  The 10/25-man raids we are currently running have numerous fights were there are either boatloads of adds for the raid to deal with, or a limited number of adds running into the raid on a somewhat regular basis. 

And do you know what is happening?  Priests are pulling aggro again.  It normally isn’t an issue of the tank not being able to taunt a mob off the healer, but instead that the tank just doesn’t have enough taunts, or just isn’t fast enough in picking up the new add before the Priest is face down in the heather.  (Being a cloth wearing healer certainly doesn’t help, but that is the hand we have been dealt.)

Whether it’s Constructs on Ignis, Warbringers on Thorim, Whelps on Ony, or Scarabs on Anub’arak that get loose, it’s almost always a Priest that ends up dead.

And do you know what virtually all these dead Priests have in common: NOT A SINGLE FUCKING POINT IN SILENT RESOLVE.

Seriously people, put three points into Silent Resolve, and save the raid from having to call a wipe because too many healers are dead. 

Your tanks have way too much to do as it is (don’t believe me, check the Activity section in Recount sometime) and the least you can do is shift a couple points into a talent which will uncomplicated their lives.



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  1. BobTurkey on

    I’m not convinced that Silent Resolve will make that much difference.

    Another thing all those dead priests probably had in common is that they hadn’t used Fade. The few times a healer pull agro they will almost always have Fade ready to drop agro.

    In my experience priests normally die from standing in bad and other poor situational awareness. Not pulling agro.

    But that’s my opinion.

    Gobble gobble.

    • wantedpriest on

      Bob –

      In most of these fatalities, Fade was on cooldown. Which, to me, reinforces the fact that aggro is an issue in certain fights. (They have all been Holy Priests raid healing during add phases. Not that it couldn’t happen to a Disc Priest.)

      And I agree that most healer deaths are due to poor situational awareness. But of those deaths that are solely aggro related, I believe the majority of them could have been avoided had the Priest fully talented Silent Resolve.


      • BobTurkey on

        Fair enough.

        Situational awareness can help a fair bit too. Raid frames (or other UI component) should tell you exactly who has agro. As soon as you (the holy priest) have it you need to manage it. If Fade is on CD you need to run towards the appropriate tank, especailly facerolling AoE tanks like DKs and Palys. Often a short trip through their AoE effect will drop agro. Otherwise moving towards them anf moving the add near them will usually increase their awareness of the problem, potentially increasing their options for dealing with it.

        I guess Silent Resolve might work for your healers, although sounds like you might be better working on your add tank’s skills.

        Gobble gobble.

  2. Koramoor on

    Great post Vess. I agree that healers are getting lazy and dying beacuse they are used to previously lax mechanics, over geared tanks, and under-tuned fights. Well, and sometiems they’re just lazy.

    I’d like to make a request. I know you spec Desperate Prayer. I know some priests who don’t bacause they think it is a waste.

    Can you please write a post detailing why you spec Desperate Prayer and why others should as well?

  3. […] healers who have fully talented threat reduction talents like Silent Resolve (like me), and proactively hit Fade (like me), will still manage to aggro one or more of the […]

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