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I feel so dirty . . .

I finally replaced my Handbook of Obscure Remedies last night.  Lightbane Focus dropped off of the Twins in 10-man ToC, and I ended up with it. 

(We use open rolls for 10-man runs, and our Warlock won the roll.  He is currently using Perdition, but has a one-hander in the bank with which he was going to pair the Lightbane Focus.  After some badgering by several other members of the raid, he agreed to pass it to me since I so very much needed the upgrade.)  ((Thanks Isyomama!))  (((No shit, that is his toon’s name.)))

So while I am happy about replacing the ilevel 200 item I have been carrying around for like 10 months, I feel like a dirty old man. 

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Plateau Boredom

Not much to report from the World of Warcraft at the moment.  My 10-man team is stuck in the large gulf between one-shotting all the bosses in ToC, and not being able to clear the Northrend Beasts in ToGC. 

We did about 7 attempts on Gormak the other night, and just aren’t getting him down fast enough.  We are close, but not quite there yet.  We are going to try having one more dps focus on Snowbolds next time, to see if we can get them down faster and ultimately more dps time on Gormak.

My job has been keeping the main tank up, and I haven’t really broken a sweat so far.  We had an issue on one of our attempts where Karinthanis (MT) grabbed Gormak back from Unroku (OT) before his stacks of the impale debuff had worn off.  Karin got as high as 5 stacks in that fight (most strats have you swapping at 2 or 3), and I still managed to keep him on his feet. Continue reading

Silent Resolve – Just Do It

Today we are going to talk about a talent found in the second tier of the Discipline tree: Silent Resolve. 

When fully talented (3 points), Silent Resolve reduces the threat generated by the Priest’s Holy and Discipline spells by 20%.  (We are going to ignore the dispel resistance mechanic for the time being, as it is mainly a PVP effect.)

In the days before WotLK, grabbing aggro off your tank was a much bigger issue for healers.  Most pulls, you had to let the tank build up threat for a while before healing them.  If you were good, the tank didn’t die before your heal went off, and you waited just long enough so that your heal did not cause the mobs to immediately turn and run your direction with bad intentions. 

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Loot Sharing Is Not Stealing

There is an interesting article over at dealing with the issue of whether a player who wins loot in a raid and then transfers it to another member of the raid (through the use of the 2 hour default trade timer) has stolen the loot.  You can read the article here.

After wading through 7 or so pages of the comments, I wanted to weigh in on the issue. 

Loot sharing is not stealing.  It is unfair, but it is not stealing. 

Let me explain.

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