Um, where are all my sockets?

I was tooling around the interwebs the other day, checking out some of the other Disc Priests on my server, and a few others in the blogging community that play Disc Priests, when I noticed something strange:  I am missing an ass-ton of gem sockets. 

Most of the Disc Priests I examined with wow-heroes gear scores in the 2600+ range were sporting around 12-14 gem slots, not including the meta gem.  Vesserion currently has 9.  Huh?

How the hell did they get so many more slots that I did? 

Well for starters, almost all of them are sporting tier 9 set bonus items in all five major slots, whereas Vess has the 245 crafted robe, a 245 helm from Ony, and 3 tier 8 pieces. 


By upgrading shoulders, gloves and pants to tier 9 before other item slots, my cohorts were able to add 4-5 additional gem slots compared to my gear.

So why didn’t I do that? 

Well, for starters, I suspect that my fellow Disc Priests were working with a slightly larger pool of EoT than I was.  (I didn’t actually go back and add up all the EoT which would have been required to buy their gear vs mine, but judging by the number of tier 9.25/trophy items I saw, it looks like they had more to spend.) 

As I have said in prior posts, I am fairly new to the 25-man raiding scene, Covenant hasn’t been in 25-man ToC consistently since its debut, and we just got our first full clear of 25-man ToC last week.  So most of my early EoTs came from the heroic daily, not raiding.

And because I was working with more limited resource, I tended to take what upgrades I could get as soon as I could get them.  So, I upgraded things like my rings and wand, while my cohorts were saving up for the more expensive gloves and shoulders.

I also noticed that my ‘buy more of the smaller upgrades’ strategy set me back somewhat when it came to raid loot.  I effectively reduced the number of usable items on a boss’ loot table in comparison to my cohorts. 

A great example is the Head of Onyxia.  The quest reward is a 245 caster ring.  But since I already have two 245 rings from EoT purchases, I cannot use the Head of Onyxia.

Most of my cohorts have one or more raid loot items in slots where I have EoT items, which effectively saved them the costs of purchasing that gear, and allowed them to apply those EoT towards other purchases.  

But just because my cohorts have an advantage at this stage (75% of the way through the transition from tier 8 to tier 9), doesn’t mean that my gear strategy sucked.  By taking more small gear upgrades, I believe that I held a modest advantage over my cohorts when it came to working through content in the early stages of the transition to tier 9. 

And as I finally upgrade my shoulders, gloves and pants to tier 9 over the next two weeks, I expect that I will be able to close the socket gap between me and my cohorts.

Although I don’t think I was being “retarded by buying stupid shit” as one of my guildies commented last night, I believe that I will abandon the ‘buy more of the smaller upgrades’ strategy once we start working on the tier 9 to tier 10 transition.



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