Faster PVE = More Time for PVP

It’s no secret that I have been spending the majority of my WoW time raiding of late.  Covenant’s 25-man raid has been clearing Ony and working our way through ToC on two nights each week, while Team Bravo (our 10-man group) has been doing the same, plus Ulduar, on three separate nights.

Five nights of raiding each week doesn’t leave you much time to pursue other interests, such as PVP. 

But a strange thing happened this week: we started clearing content faster. 

Covenant completed its first full clear of 25-man ToC on Monday night, thereby earning us the Call of the Crusade (25 Player) achievement. 

Furthermore, Team Bravo cleared 10-man ToC in under an hour Tuesday evening.  We also burned Onyxia in record time last night, picking up More Dots! and She Deep Breaths More.  (Ony never even got a chance to breath in phase two, it was over so fast.)

And when you clear PVE content that fast my friends, you find yourself with time on your hands.  Time that you can fill with PVP!

So effective as of this week, my 3v3 team, Unfinished Business, is up and running again.  This season, we are going to be running DK, Mage, Disc Priest, instead of double DK, Disc Priest. 

Our Mage, Biack, is a work in progress, but we think that we can whip him into shape pretty quickly.  Although I must say that breaking in a new team member, when your matchmaking rating is still in the 1200s, is kind of annoying.  (I understand why it has to be, but it still sux.)

I also expect that I will be headed back into the 2v2 bracket with Unroku again.  I will probably need to overhaul my gear and probably even tweak my spec in order for us to do well in the 2s though.  We’ll see how it goes. 

With respect to gear, I need some work.  As it stands now, I will probably be able to get my arena rating high enough to purchase Furious Gladiator gear with arena points at about the same time that I no longer need Emblems of Triumph for PVE gear upgrades, which should hopefully allow me to pick up a full set fairly quickly. 

I am currently rocking 898 resilience, which could be higher, but will do for now.

And what is with the battlegrounds lately?  I know we are getting towards the end of this expansion, and that more and more people drift into PVP as the PVE content gets stale.  But seriously, WTF?  The level of idiocy that I am seeing on a regular basis in battlegrounds these days is pretty amazing.  Maybe I have selective memory, but I don’t recall it being nearly this bad at the end of BC. 

If I had to guess, I would say that near the end of BC, welfare PVP epics brought skilled-yet-slightly-behind-the-gear-curve PVE players into the battlegrounds, whereas in WotLK, it’s just the failbot PVE players who can’t even do easy-mode raiding that are joining the queues. 

Who knows?

All I do know is that Arathi Basin is my daily PVP quest, and I haven’t won it in over a week.




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  1. Koramoor on

    You hit it right on. I could not agree more.

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