In the Mountains

The march through Ulduar continued Sunday night, as my 10-man group got its first kill against Thorim.

Ulduar progression has been on the back burner for us the past few weeks as we worked on clearing ToC.  With a one night clear of 10-man ToC finally under our belts, we decided that it was time to have a look at the 10-man ToGC, and get back to working on the Keepers of Ulduar.

(I won’t go into detail about our initial foray into the ToGC, other than to say that I don’t think our dps was quite where it needed to be for the Northrend Beasts on heroic.)

So after two quick wipes at the Argent Crusade fairgrounds, we headed back to Ulduar. 

Thanks in large part to the efforts of Unroku, Team Bravo’s raid leader, earlier in the week, we didn’t have to bother with any of the Siege or Antechamber bosses, other than the Iron Council which we one shotted.  Unroku has been doing a nice job throwing together spur of the moment 10-man Ulduar raids to get some of our more casual members raid experience, gear upgrades and dkp.  A side benefit is that Team Bravo can skip most of the bosses we are sick and tired of farming, and work on new (for us) content.

Our line up for the Thorim fight was as follows:

Hallway Team:  Unroku (DK tank), Vesserion (Disc Priest), Euphorias (Mage) and Nyloz (DK).

Arena Team: Karinthanis (Pally tank), Ashleign (Holy Priest), Zapan (Resto Druid), Krycekx (Rogue), Trofro (Mage) and Wisesam (Mage).

In the past, our problem on this fight has been keeping the arena team alive long enough for the hallway team to finish running the gauntlet.  We were really struggling with add management in the arena.  And since I was on the hallway team, Im not exactly certain what they did differently this time that made the run a success.  

I think it had something to do with having a rogue and two mages in the arena.  The aoe damage they were able to put up apparently minimized the number of loose adds jumping on the healers.

Since I was focused on running and healing, I have no feel for whether the hallway team was going faster than it normally does.  (That whole gauntlet is just a blur of bubbles, frisbees, Penances and Holy Novas.) 

I do know that we had very good luck with the explosions which run down the sides of the hallway.  The first two were on the right, and the following two were on the left, which meant that we only had to switch sides once during the hallway fight, instead of three times.

In any event, we really put the pedal to the metal on the hallway fight, and wound up standing around for 15 seconds or so waiting for Freya to gtfo before jumping back into the arena. 

I can’t tell you how stressful it was to watch the health bars of the arena team members while we were stalling up above them in an effort to not activate the hard mode for the encounter.  I would totally have lost my shit if the arena team had bought it while we were standing there. 

Fortunately, they kicked fucking ass, and then we did the same to old man Thorim once the two squads were reunited. 

It amazes me how sometimes a fight will just click, and you go from struggling with it, to a victory with zero deaths. 

In any event, we gave Thorim something to remember us by.  He returned the favor by dropping a giant loot terd, in the form of two pieces of mail gear that no one could actually use.

Freya and Mimiron are on the agenda this week, as we race against the clock to finish Ulduar before Patch 3.3 drops.



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  1. Tufva on

    Thorim is really hard work. It took us an evening and a bit to get him down on 10-man the first time and now that we are doing 25-man we had exactly the same thing.

    On 10-man we noticed that having a melee person in each group made a huge difference – not sure if that will be the case for others or if we’re just weird. 🙂

    • wantedpriest on

      We had our rogue on the hallway team for the first two wipes that night. We swapped him with our dps DK for the third attempt, and we downed Thorim.

      I have only been on the arena team twice, so my experience there is very limited, but I am guessing that added interrupts from the rogue helped out alot.

      But it is always tricky trying to balance the right amount of dps for the hallway team vs. the needs of the arena group.

      In any event, I think we will be keeping our rogue in the arena from here on out.

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