Trophies vs. Tailoring

This is the question I have been facing for the last two weeks, and am once again facing after last night. 

As you may be aware, the bosses in 25-man ToC drop Trophies of the Crusade, which can be turned in along with significant quantities of Emblems of Triumph for ilevel 245 Tier 9 set pieces.  The same bosses also have a chance to drop tailoring patterns for ilevel 245 gear.  The tailoring epics generally require 12 or 20 pieces of spec cloth, and 4 or 8 Crusader Orbs depending on the slot (bracers and chest respectively).  Crusader Orbs drop from the 25-man ToC bosses as well, and/or can be purchased with 15 Emblems of Triumph.

So, if you find yourself in the market for an ilevel 245 chest piece, you can a) accumulate 75 EoT, run 25-man ToC, and wait for a Trophy to come your way; or b) accumulate 8 Crusader Orbs (via EoT, the AH or from ToC loot) and 20 pieces of spec cloth, and then find a tailor with the pattern.

In my case, I was fortunate enough to have both options available. 


<Covenant> has been running some 25-man ToC raids.  I say “some” because after a couple weeks of regularly getting as far as the Faction Champions, the officers basically abandoned the raid in favor of finishing Ulduar 10 and doing heroic 10-man ToC.  We have been there once, I think, in the last three weeks.  (/makes saving throw against rant)

Furthermore, <Covenant> uses a loot council system, with Trophy drops rotating between tanks, healers and DPS.  Based on my mad healing skills and shear awesomeness, it was highly likely that the next healer Trophy would come my way.   With the Trophy, I could pick up a Zabra’s Robe of Triumph.

(So you can imagine how disappointed I was that we effectively stopped running 25-man ToC, which was a nice source of EoT, and the only source of Trophies!)

In addition, on one of our early trips to the 25-man ToC, Pattern: Royal Moonshroud Robe dropped and was promptly looted to Mayve, the guild’s Priest class lead.  So I have access to the pattern with no transaction costs, if and when our “class leader” ever decides to grace us with her presence, which is pretty fcuking rare these days.  (/barely makes saving throw against rant) 

Given <Covenant>’s raid scheduling, the choice for me was pretty easy.  I took control of my own gear destiny and assembled the mats for the Royal Moonshroud Robe

And then I waited.

I finished assembling the mats on Saturday night.  Sunday night’s raid came and went with no sign of our class lead.  Ditto on last night’s raid as well.  So right before the raid, I put the mats, gems and enchant back in my bank in complete despair of ever getting the RMR crafted.

Fortunately, the loot gods witnessed my suffering and sent me a present.  (well, actually two)

After being out of 25-man ToC for what seemed like forever, we finally headed back in last night.  (Personally, I think the officers only took the guild back there to see if we could clear the recently nerfed Faction Champions, but I digress.)  And what do you think good ole Lord Jaraxxus decided to drop.  That’s right; none other than the Pattern: Royal Moonshroud Robe!

So after practically busting a nut when I saw the drop, I hearthed back to Dal to grab my mats, and then got summoned back to the Tournament Grounds in time for the loot council to give me the pattern.  (There was another max level tailor in the raid, and there was discussion this time as to who should receive the pattern.) 

And now I am wearing an ilevel 245 chest. 

That same boss kill was also the healer’s turn for a Trophy.  When the loot council asked the healers who were interested to type 1 in raid, I politely passed.  This really confused the loot council members, who were about to give the Trophy to me.  After half a dozen whispers, I finally just got on vent and explained that I used most of my EoT on Crusader Orbs, and was deferring until I could restock my supply. 

I left out the part about being sick and tired of not running progression content and waiting for the charity of others to improve my kit when I was perfectly capable of doing so (mostly) myself. 

After that, we took down the newly nerfed Faction Champions on our 3rd attempt, and Pattern: Royal Moonshroud Bracers drops.  Fcuk yeah!  The pattern went to Isiel this time.

So now I am kind of back in the same position.  Do I accumulate EoT and grab a Tier 9 piece when a Trophy comes my way?  Or do I use the EoT to buy Crusader Orbs and get the RMB?

Did I mention that all of the Crusader Orbs that drop from the bosses in 25-man ToC go into the <Covenant> guild bank, and that they are allegedly all “spoken for”? 


Hello Royal Moonshroud Bracers!



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  1. BobTurkey on

    Heh heh. I just bought the bracers and unless something strange happens i’ll be crafting Merlins Robe as soon as I get the 120 EoT for the Crusader Orbs. It will probably be a couple of months before I get another Trophy and my first went on my shoulders (replacing plain T8).

    • Tianis on


      Why did you go Merlin’s Robe over Royal Moonshroud? Are you unhappy with the spirit mechanics currently?

      • wantedpriest on

        From what I have read on Bob’s blog, I don’t think mana is a big issue for him at this point. So the haste on the Merlin’s is more bang for the buck than spirit in his case.

        Although I could definitely use the haste on my kit, my guild’s boss fights tend to be really long, so regen is king for me. (We had the Twins at 4% last night in 25-man ToC when we hit the enrage timer. Ughh.) Plus, I don’t have access to that pattern yet.

        If you have access to both patterns, pick whichever piece meets your stat needs. Otherwise, grab whichever one you can get your hands on. I don’t think there is a general right or wrong here, just a personal preference.


      • ambient on

        It’s hard to tell at times from his blog, but I believe Bob generally plays as Disc, hence the shunning of spirit.

      • BobTurkey on

        Maga regen isn’t an issue. Theorycrafting says haste > spirit for discipline generally. Disc has a problem in that spirit is only for regen for us and so is a bit weak, but if we are using a lot of PW:S haste is pretty weak after about 15-20%. I tend to gear towards crit and away from haste but I still have about 18% before raid buffs. So extra haste is kinda meh.

        I’ve changed my mind anyway. With the rapid approach of 3.3, EoT will soon be raining from the sky, so i’m not going to waste money on either of the craftables. I’ll probably use my next trophy on a chest piece.

        Gobble gobble.

  2. holyhealz on

    What are your thoughts about Crafted (Merlins/Moonshroud) vs Velen’s Raiments of Triumph? Is it worth giving up the 4 set bonus? Merlin’s doesn’t seem to be that big of an upgrade over T9 /shrug…

    • wantedpriest on

      HH – With 3 sub levels in each tier, it is tough deciding whether to upgrade from one sub level to the next. I have seen a lot of people stick with 232s, especially if they have set bonuses, in lieu of upgrading to the 245s. The fact that the relative cost of a 13 ilevel upgrade is typically very high, either in emblems and trophies, mats, or DKP, has kept many people in 232 sets.

      So I guess I would say that projected useful life should be the metric you use to determine whether or not to upgrade.

      If I were you, I would stick with the 232s for now. Patch 3.3 is only a week or two away, and unless the mats for Merlin’s/Moonshroud are available to you at no cost, it would be crazy to have the 245s crafted when you will have upgrade opportunities in the very near future.

      Having said that, I have not been hugely impressed with the healing priest tier 9 set bonuses. I use PoM a lot, but an extra 20% on it doesn’t really inspire me. Nor does the extra crit bubble strength / stronger renew.

      I should note that I am a full-time tank healer and am using a haste/big mana pool/regen build, as opposed to the spellpower/crit build many Disc Priests are using.

      So hang on to the 232s because tier 10 is almost here, not because the tier 9 set bonuses are any good.


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