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It has been a while since I posted, so I figured it would be a good idea to recap what I have been up to in the WoW for the past couple months.  I think that my interest in writing the blog has closely tracked my interest in the game of late, which is to say that I really haven’t had much interest.

July and August were something of a perfect storm of meh for me.  The Argent Tournament really underwhelmed me with its absurd storyline and quests.  At the same time, our 10-man raiding team lost a few of our better players to boredom and RL, which saw us quickly regressing through Ulduar, instead of progressing.  On the PVP side, Season 6 of the Arena was winding down, and although my teammates and I enjoyed the season, we were really feeling restricted by the comp we were running towards the end. 

On top of all that, Disc Priests got hit with the nerf bat fairly hard (though not to the ground), with the reduced spellpower coefficient for Prayer of Healing and the increase to the cooldown on Penance.  To make matters worse, DK frost tanks got hit as well, which almost completely erased the wonderful synergies that Disc Priests and DK tanks had been enjoying.  

Things really came to head when Patch 3.2 dropped though.  The Arrow Gang had a raid scheduled for that evening, and when it was suggested that we run the ToC instead of farming the 4 bosses in Ulduar we were regularly able to down, one of our members decided to throw a fit.  Despite the fact that we had been running Ulduar for like 7-8 weeks, the officers were accused of abandoning our farm content raids after gearing our better raiders, and then moving on to new content to rinse and repeat the loot discrimination. 

By majority vote we went to Ulduar 10 that night instead of the ToC, which was the straw that broke the camel’s back for The Arrow Gang as a 10-man raiding guild.  Both I and our raid leader had had enough. 

At the same time that our 10-man progression was coming to a grinding halt, we had been doing some 25-man raids with a guild called No Drama.  No Drama had a decent roster of players, but had a few slots that they were looking to fill with solid players. 

At first, it was one or two of us filling an empty slot in their raid.  Then it became more of a raiding alliance, with close to an 80/20 split between the two guilds.  Finally, we accepted their invitation to move our raiding mains to their guild, which had reformed under the name Covenant.

Although I find the 10-man raiding content more satisfying in general, the 25-man raids definitely resurrected my flagging interest in the game.  And now that we have gotten settled in Covenant, we have added a couple quality players to our 10-man core team, and are progressing in Ulduar again.  (8/14 and rolling in our first week with the new line-up). 

So I have been pretty damn busy the past few weeks, doing both 10 and 25-man raiding, while farming the stupid heroics for emblems.

My PVE kit is pretty decent at this point (the few slots I need to upgrade all depend on instance drops atm) and I think it is time to work on my PVP set again.  I was fortunate enough to get the ilevel 251 Relentless Gladiator Mooncloth Gloves from a 25-man VoA last week, and have been spending excess Emblems of Conquest and honor on the ilevel 213 PVP gear.

For Season 7, I will probably be doing 2v2 with one of my teammates from last season (Unroku), but 3v3 is going to be an RMP team this time.  Look for more observations on the Arena soon. 

Now to execute and exit strategy.



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  1. Karinthanis on


    I am not much of a blogger but I wanted to see what Vess was up to here. He mentioned writing something for Disc. priests and, as I am often the tank he is healing, there are a couple of things that I would like to let those of you in the disc world know.

    1) Damn, you get no love from parsers. Simply put, that is a shame. Do not let recount, etc. sway you from changing your spec if you know what you are doing. I say this because,

    2) From where I sit (or stand and get pounded) Disc. healing is one of the few areas in the game that, when done well, can be more proactive rather than just reactive. High throughput is great and is necessary. Preventing or drastically limiting damage is an often undervalued way to be more efficient however.

    Vess and I have been friends for a very long time so, for us to be a healing/tanking team is a bit of a no-brainer. I have to say that I have been surprised at the pressure he was under for a little while to switch his spec to holy. We were recently trying a raid achievement and one of the raidleaders said something that I’d like to echo. “This isn’t about you being #1 on the dps charts or healing. It is about surviving and getting that bitch down.” I can’t speak for the tanking community but especially as a Paladin tank, I love having a disc. priest at my back.

    Bubble, pain suppression and whatever the hell else you do!

    – K

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