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Disc Healing the Faction Champs

(or Basics of Arena Healing for PVE Elitist Asshats)

So we had the 10-man team up at the Argent Tournament grounds the other day for a go at the ToC.  We took care of the Northrend Beasts and Lord Jaraxus in short order, but were having issues with the Faction Champs.  We were able to drop 2 of the Champions on our attempts, but were losing too many of our DPS and healers getting to that point to be able to finish the last 4 off.

After the third wipe, the Resto Druid we pugged in says over vent, “Shit is coming after me like crazy with all the healing I am doing.  Maybe Vesserion should do more healing and less dispelling next time.”

Vent got really quiet after that comment.  I took a deep breath, and said “sure thing”.

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Disc Healing the Onyxia Fight

We took the 10-man team to Onyxia’s layer last night and after a few wipes learning the fight, we downed the old broad. 

Our raid line-up was as follows:

Tanks: Paladin MT, Death Knight OT

Healers: Disc Priest, Resto Shaman

DPS: 2 Death Knights, 3 Mages, 1 Shadow Priest has a nice overview of the fight for those not already familiar with the encounter.    

Healing the fight as Disc was mildly challenging.  Phase 1 was just about keeping the tank up and avoiding the dreaded tail swipe and cleave as the tank gets her into position.  I found that it was a good time to use my shadowfiend when we had her to about 70% health, or slightly before she goes into the air for phase 2.  (She will walk across the room before she takes off, so there is some margin of error on timing the fiend, as it will just follow her while she walks if you pop it a little late.)

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Back in Business

It has been a while since I posted, so I figured it would be a good idea to recap what I have been up to in the WoW for the past couple months.  I think that my interest in writing the blog has closely tracked my interest in the game of late, which is to say that I really haven’t had much interest.

July and August were something of a perfect storm of meh for me.  The Argent Tournament really underwhelmed me with its absurd storyline and quests.  At the same time, our 10-man raiding team lost a few of our better players to boredom and RL, which saw us quickly regressing through Ulduar, instead of progressing.  On the PVP side, Season 6 of the Arena was winding down, and although my teammates and I enjoyed the season, we were really feeling restricted by the comp we were running towards the end. 

On top of all that, Disc Priests got hit with the nerf bat fairly hard (though not to the ground), with the reduced spellpower coefficient for Prayer of Healing and the increase to the cooldown on Penance.  To make matters worse, DK frost tanks got hit as well, which almost completely erased the wonderful synergies that Disc Priests and DK tanks had been enjoying.  

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