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Arena Disc Priest: Spec

Fight_Club_bar_of_soapWhen you are first starting out in the arena as a Disc Priest, you want to maximize your strengths, and minimize your weaknesses.  Our strengths are our ability to mitigate damage on ourselves and our teammates, absorb significant amounts of dps from the opposing team, remove debuffs, and be mobile casters. 

As such, this is the spec that I recommend when you are getting started in the arena:  Disc Arena Spec.

Lets look at the choices in the Disc and Holy trees.

Disc Tier 1:

Unbreakable Will (5/5) – Reduces the amount of time you spend ccd by your opponents.  Pretty much a must have.  Your trinket will get you out of the first cc, but often you will find yourself immediately ccd again.  This gets you back in the fight faster.

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Sammy Dog (2/94-7/09)

Samantha ("Pretty Girl")

Samantha ("Pretty Girl")

Today we said farewell to a member of our family, Sammy Dog. 

Sammy was my wife’s dog when we started dating, but quickly became mine too, as she was always a huge flirt, whether it was with men or male dogs.  (She had a particular crush on yellow labradors.) 

Although she slowed down at the end of her 15 years, she was a very high energy dog.  I will always remember the way she used to tear around my wife’s house whenever I would come over to visit, and insist on sleeping on the bed with us at night. 

Although she was an only-dog for her first 8 years, Sammy was wonderfully patient when we added more dogs (Charlie, and Elvis, and finally JB) to our family.  All the way up until the end, she did her best to keep up with the boys, insisting that she come along on our daily walks, when it was clear that it was challenging for her to do so.  Her spirit was ever strong, even when her body wasn’t. 

I will miss you Sammy, and hope that you are running around like a crazy dog wherever you are now.  Rest in peace my pretty girl.