Patch 3.2 = Death to Twinks

This is not so much Disc (or Shadow) Priest related, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to comment on some of the new battleground changes that have been announced.  Specifically, that you will be able to earn experience through battlegrounds after Patch 3.2, that the experience gain can be deactivated for a 10g fee, and that those who have disabled battleground experience will play in their own separate battlegrounds. 

What this means for twinks is:

1) you will have a ridiculously short career in each battleground bracket as a twink, as BG experience will level you into the next bracket and lose your twink status; or

2) you will turn off battleground experience, and be forced to play in battlegrounds full of twinks like yourself, which will normalize your gear, and de-twink you. 

Either way, your days of pwning other participants in battlegrounds will be officially over.

Now some of you may say that twinks are not about pwning normal toons in BGs, to which I say BULLSHIT. 

Forcing twinks to play against other twinks all the time will completely kill off twinking. 

I also love the spin coming from Blizz that this change is actually being made in support of the twink lifestyle.  That is some great bullshiting going on there. 

So twink it up while you still can.  I will shed no tears for your loss come Patch 3.2.



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  1. Shazaman on

    I also LMFAO! at this change. I’ve been proving twinks wrong for years on the WoW forums. I love how every change that Blizzard makes to help levelers, they claim is done to buff twinking.

    I also love how they all claim they “twink to fight other twinks” yet are crying their eyes out on the forums because they’ll be forced to level or fight people with the same gear as themselves.


    • gfdg on

      Hey kid. I play a twink, and I’d destroy you 1 v 1, you can have the better gear ;] idc, twink was fun it wasn’t about showing skill it was more fun than anything twink vs twink is kinda lame, cause at level 19 or 29 etc.. every class is different?

      • Shazaman on

        You wouldn’t destroy me. I’d just force you to play with me at 80 and watch you panic for having more than 2 buttons to press 🙂

  2. Gorgils on

    ” 2) you will turn off battleground experience, and be forced to play in battlegrounds full of twinks like yourself, which will normalize your gear, and de-twink you. ”

    AWSOME! Thats exactly why I was thinking, to fight other twinks!

  3. Gelure on

    Sure, some people twink to get OP’d. And those people will probably drift away like you said. These people are usually griefers and a twink griefer is just an A-hole who needs to get his lifestyle readjusted – brutally. But the twink community is not about that – well not all of us.

    I still regularly WSG my 3 lvl 19 twinks (fire mage, huntard & disc priest) after 3 years. I LOVE the path 3.2 twinks only stuff.

    In WSG I don’t bother with killing non-twinks unless they piss me off – I mean what am I gunna spend Honor on? It’s the other twinks that provide the challenge.

    Believe it or not, to me playing with twinks is all about a level playing field. Most time in 19 bracket WSG we have a 50% or greater twink quotient on either side,(excluding WSG weekend). Looking at the twinks : Everyone one has the same gear / librams / enchants / spell threads etc. You generally know what their builds are probably gunna be – so now it’s just down to skill. A level playing field.

    It’s sorta like playing in the PTR – everyone gets a Tier 8 set so your ability to complete ToC with no deaths depends now only on your skill. Except your not trying to out think some dodgy NPC’s A.I. Instead you are trying to out think some other dude, who’s trying to do the same to you. If he does you – there are no excuses – you can’t say that he had better gear than you.

  4. wow level 1 twink on

    bye bye! miss those times. dunno if removinjg twinks was good or bad

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