What Are You Doing?

Since it has been a while since I posted last, I figured I would ease back into it by writing about what I have been up to in-game recently. RL has been doing its best to keep me away from WoW, but I have managed to sneak in a little time here and there.

Vess has been working on improving his pvp set, and L2PVP for our 3v3 arena team: Unfinished Business.  We are running DK, DK, Disc Priest, and are starting to get the hang of the comp.  Our matches usually follow the pattern of kill their healer before they kill ours, so I tend to spend most of the fights going totally defensive.  In the rare cases where I am not the focus fire target, we almost always win. 

I also need to get some more experience with the Death Knight class, cause I don’t speak DK at the moment, and have no clue what my partners are talking about in vent with respect to abilities.  Week one sucked pretty hard, for multiple reasons, but in week 2 we managed to get close to winning 50% of our matches.  I am getting tired of facing teams ranked 400 or more points higher than our team in the arena though, even if we don’t drop more than a point or two with each loss.

The Arrow Gang has also made its first foray into 10-man Ulduar. We managed to down Flame Leviathan, Razorscale, XT-002, and Kologarn in our first week.  Ignis and Auriaya are giving us troubles at the moment, but we think we have them figured out.  It has been great seeing the new content, and managing to down some bosses.  The gear upgrades have been great for morale, since its been a very long time since the last upgrade for a lot of guild members.  (Thanks for making epic heroic gear = Naxx 10 gear Blizz. Great job.)

Bhender has been busy as well running heroics in an effort to get his shadow dps set raid ready.  Being able to dps as Shadow, and/or heal as Disc has made finding heroic and raid pugs ridiculously easy.  I healed 10-man OS and dps-ed 25-man over the weekend, and managed to get the tier 7 glove token from the 10-man run.  (Which I happily spent on the dps gloves, not the healing ones.)  I cranked out 3010 dps on Sarth, and 2600 overall for the whole Sanctum run.  I’m not breaking any records, but for the short time that Bhender has been 80, I am pleased with his progression.  Now I just need to find him some Naxx 25 runs, and/or get him into Ulduar 10 soon.

Sadly, Bhender’s Disc healing set is only a step or two behind Vess’ at this point.  For some reason, nearly every BiS heroic epic dropped for Bhender on his first or second run, with the exception of the Mace of Unrequited Love, which continues to elude me.  (I am gonna have a guildie craft me a Titansteel Guardian this week, so whatever Nexus!)  It was a real challenge to keep Bhender’s dps set above the quality of his healing set for a while there, but I feel like I have finally gotten some separation.

The more I dps, though, the less tolerance I have for low dps when I am healing. I don’t wanna become “that priest”, but it is getting harder to bite my tongue, especially when I am healing a 5-man instead of dps-ing it and the dps are under 1500.

Hopefully RL will ease up on me soon, so I can get some time to farm some mats and do dailies.  Anything that does not involve a raid invite popping up immediately after the log-in screen would be nice at this point.  Who knew having 2 level 80 priests would be this hectic?

What about you guys?  Are you still grinding your way through Ulduar on your mains?  Working on your 2nd or 3rd level 80?  Doing some pvp for a change instead of raiding? 

Sound off like you got a pair!



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  1. BobTurkey on

    Working on a third 80 (druid) and started raiding Uldar.

    I can’t get into PvP in WoW. So slow.

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